Happy Birthday, Sis

Today is my sister's birthday and I just wanted to take this chance to tell her thank you... not only for being my sister, which she couldn't help, but also for being my friend. She's been with me for all the happy and unhappy times of my life.

I've had to be careful to say "younger sister" instead of "little sister" when I talk about her. She came to the college when I was in the Miss Andrew Pageant (I didn't win... came in fourth runner-up) and I walked up where she was sitting in the auditorium. I forget who I was with, but I introduced her as my little sister. She stood up, looked down from her 5'4" to my 5'2" (and I think she might have had on heels) and said, in a sneery sort of way ;-), "Little?" Okay, okay.... I learned my lesson.

She's surprised me by coming to my home on several birthdays and, most recently, this past Christmas she and my b-i-l drove down for the day before. We've never been able to spend Christmas itself together... or any part of Christmas... since she married, so that was a very special treat for me.

Although we live hundreds of miles apart, she's still my sister... blood of my blood... and I love her. I wish we were closer in distance, but I don't know that we could be closer in heart. And, for now, that's enough.

I love you, sis, and hope you have the greatest of birthdays.


Teena said…
What a nice birthday wish! Happy birthday, Sis!