Aaron's home.

We've just gotten back from picking up our Marine son, Aaron... he's home for Christmas. Next week, the girls will be down from North Carolina, so we'll have a houseful (I know, I know.. I've told y'all that already!)

Anyway... here's a picture of the boy and his mom, taken with Aaron's picture phone:

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If someone who will remain nameless, but whose initials are AR, would send me the pictures HE took with HIS picture phone over Thanksgiving... then I could post photos of the REST of the family.... Bekah, if you're reading this... go and "remind" Anthony again!!!!

Hope y'all have a great day.


Marianne Arkins said…
So... You were what? Like nine years-old when you had him? You don't look like his mom. Bet you're thrilled to have him home.

BTW, the Blogger Beta version is a PAIN. I love that it posts in an instant, and I like the tags, but it won't remember me and I have to sign in every single time. Don't do it until you have to.

cjutvi - Can't just use TiVo very instantly.
Tammy said…
Gosh gal...I thought you were gonna say this is him and his galfriend...you don't look no older than him!!
Heart of Rachel said…
Great picture! Wow, you look more like brother and sister to me. He must be proud to have a cool mom.

Ballpoint Wren said…
What a handsome kid!

Mom's not bad, either!