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The first question comes from Jean Luc Picard. Make it so.

“What are some of your memorable experiences at school? ”

Two times in my elementary school career (TWO... count them) I had to miss my school Christmas party because of illness. I had the mumps one year. The next year I broke out with measles the morning of the party and was sent home. When I found out that by the time you break out in measles, you're no longer contagious, I was royally ticked. I'm still not happy about it... can you tell???

I have always had a bad habit of "talking with my hands." I was giving an oral book report one day and my teacher made me hold my hands behind my back. I couldn't do it.... could absolutely not give the report.

The same teacher caught me eating an apple in class (OK, I know I shouldn't have... I knew it then...that's why I was hiding it ;-), but I had forgotten to take it out to the playground during recess). Anyway, she made me get up in front of the class and eat the blamed thing. I blame her for the problems I still have today talking in front of people. Heaven help me if I ever do publish a book and schedule talks at library groups, etc.

I was glad to get out of elementary school. Junior High and High School were relatively uneventful!!


Amanda said…
I can totally relate to you here - I used to dread being called up to the front of class, or to be chosen to answer a question. I hate being the focus of attention. I'm a behind the scenes girl! =)
Chrissie said…
Hi there. Here from Blog Fodder and my entry is posted too (go back to Tuesday if you want to see it).
That teacher sounds just awful - at least you were eating an apple... and it's healthy = there were worse things you could have been eating!
Moogie said…
LOL! I have the same problem. I even wave my hands around when I talk on the phone. :)

Here via Blog Fodder. Thanks for participating and hoope to see you next week!
Jessica said…
Very neat...thanks for sharing!