Monday .... Sanity???

Monday Madness isn't up yet, so (horror of horrors) this writer has to actually THINK of something to write. Let's see... what can I write about?

-- We'll be leaving Wednesday morning to go to Charleston for our family/Thanksgiving reunion. We've spent every Thanksgiving there (except for the years I spent in Brazil) since '92. Last year was very bittersweet... some of you may remember we had gone up just a couple of weeks earlier than Thanksgiving to bury my uncle. He's the only uncle I ever knew (my mother's sister's husband), given that my mom and dad divorced when I was young and I don't know my father's people. I have been in sporadic contact with my first cousin on the paternal side of the family and, from what he told me, it's not a close family. I was hoping to meet him and his family this month, because they were thinking about coming down this way on vacation, but apparently something came up. So, cuz, if you read this (and I know you have the link... it's on the bottom of all my letters!) WRITE ME!!!

-- Not only are we having a fun filled Thanksgiving, we are having a wonderful Christmas. All the kids will be here for Christmas. Beth and Bekah are both up in NC, Aaron is in the Marines and in Hawaii, and Ashley is still at home. Aaron will be going to Iraq in March, so I'm especially glad everyone will be home. I don't know how much blogging I'll get done :-) but I'll try!!

-- When we get back from Thanksgiving (we're coming back on Friday instead of Sunday this year) we have to get busy. I'll start decorating for Christmas and we'll be getting the "condo" (translated = motorhome) ready for occupation. I LOVE Christmas!!!... it truly is (in my opinion) "the most wonderful time of the year"!

-- Something I forgot! In addition to working on a couple of short stories (see, M, I really AM working), running our our business, and trying to keep one step ahead of the health department when it comes to cleaning my house... I'm also restoring an old desk that was my grandparents'. Mama can't remember for sure, but she thinks Granddaddy may have had it made. It's well-built... not a "fine" piece of furniture, but with a very pretty grain. When I was in high school, I remember "antiquing" it. Does anyone remember that faux finish? It consisted of painting a light color on the wood and then putting a stain on the paint and wiping it off. I wish I had taken photos of the desk before I started (why do I always remember pictures when I'm halfway through the project??) But, I do have pictures of the chair I antiqued at the same time... so hopefully I will get out there, take some pictures of the chair and have the pictures for when (and if) I ever finish the project! :-)

Anyway... that's my life today. Bob has gone to get our help for the day. Before we start making money, some work around here needs done (the trailer emptied from the last job we did, mostly!) Then, off to work. We have a four-stump job to do (grind and clean-up), a job we need to go check (when we were finishing up on it, we got caught in that storm that swept through ... Friday?), and some billing I need to do. I also have to work on getting the downstairs living room in some semblance of order (it's where Ashley comes in and dumps stuff), do some laundry, and get busy packing for Wednesday ('cause I have the feeling we'll be busy tomorrow as well). Anyone want to come help???

Have a great day!


Jessica said…
Hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi writer!

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Heather Wallace
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