Mama Spice?


Ashley and her friends were "playing make-up" tonight (these girls are college students, btw) and decided that I needed to join in the fun. Heather decided I looked like one of the Spice Girls... lol. Whachathink? Should I save this for my next book cover? Posted by Picasa


Marianne Arkins said…
Funny! Love the pony tails -- but you need more lipstick to really look like a Spice Girl ;-)

bpsgvr - Boys playing soccer go very rapidly
Margaret said…
Nah maybe that girl from Hee Haw. LOL! (Just pulling your leg)
Kales said…
Lol! You could almost stand in for Geri Halliwell! :P

Girls+Booze+Anything that makes any type of mark = **DANGER ZONE**
Marianne Arkins said…
Today on Go Fug Yourself they have a pic of Baby Spice and I had to laugh... check it out!

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