Friday Feast 111

Brought to you, as usual, through the kindness of Friday's Feast. Play along; you'll like it.

What was the very last song you listened to? The last song that I heard was something by Jerry Garcia on the classic rock music station on my cable. I had put it on before I left so the bird wouldn't get spooked by the silence. The last song I listnened to was some song I don't know the name of from the musical, Rent. It's Ashley's new favorite song. I don't remember the name (can you tell how impressed I was by it?)

What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from? I'm not one to recommend people stay away from anything, esp. if someone hasn't asked my opinion. Now, if someone asks me about a specific question, what I will do is tell them what experiences I have had with that company. I tend to be more vocal about places I've had good experiences. I figure anyone can have a bad day and that maybe the day I had a bad experience was just an "off" day.... for either them or me!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made? Probably about 5. I don't try to stay away from the camera or hide from it, but I don't go out of my way to have pictures made. (Unless, of course, I happen to look drop-dead gorgeous... then take all the pictures you can so it can be proved that I don't always look like a stump monkey!)

Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book? Just about everything and anything... a piece of tissue (unused, let me hasten to add!), an emory board, money, paper clips... whatever happens to be handy. Right now in the book I'm reading, Memory of a Mystery, by my friend Earl Staggs, I'm using a flattened box that something or other came in.

Name a food that you like that most people don't. Spinach.


Caylynn said…
Great feast. :) I actually like Spinach as well. :) Have a good Friday.
Olwen said…
Spinach is on my list too :D Maybe we should have a spinach lovers anonymous club.
Great feast but I like your soup the best.
Thanks for feasting with me.
Ma said…
I totally think your soup says it all. I like your dessert. I like those things too.

Thank you for stopping by.
Margaret said…
Great feast! I abhor your dessert though. Popeye couldn't even had made it taste better for me. I can stand it on pizza, lasanga or hangin' out mixed up with other dishes - but alone. I run for the hills. Take care and have a great weekend. -M
Anonymous said…
Great Feast! Thanks for dining with me!

Happy Friday!
aka Mama Jodi's World
graymama said…
I made creamed spinach with goat's cheese the other day. Yum :-)

Loved your feast!
Jason said…
I can't get enough spinach sometimes. Especially creamed spinach at Boston Market. Yummy. If my experience is like anyone else's, the reason why I didn't like it before was that nasty canned spinach.
Connie and Rob said…
By the looks of your dessert you are going to grow up to be a very strong girl...I only like spinach in quiche and casseroles.

Take care,

Thanks for stopping by my feast.
Higher said…
if I used money for bookmarks
my kids would be reading all the time =) Great feast
Have a Great Weekend!
Sheri said…
Mmm...I like spinach.

Okay, Chocolate Gravy...It's one of those passed down from a great great grandma type of recipes,but I'll do my best.

1 c. sugar
1/4 c. cocoa
1 T. flour
canned milk (can use any milk actually)

Mix sugar, cocoa and flour. Slowly stir in milk (I can't tell you how much, at least 2 cups), heat over low, all sugar will dissolve and gravy will thicken up. You may need to add more milk. Once it's at the proper consistency remove from heat and add about 1 tsp. vanilla.

Serve hot over homemade buttered biscuits.
mmm...spinach....I'm so hungry...
Pixiepincessmom said…
I really like the theme song from Rent but did not enjoy the movie. I *heart* spinach; but no one in the family will touch it.

Thanks for stopping by my table! Have a fab Friday.
Marianne Arkins said…
I love spinach... though, in light of the latest e coli scare... maybe I should switch to broccoli.

Like Jason said, the creamed spinach at Boston Market is the bomb!

xulhnlo - Xylophones usually like having no long operators
mamichelle said…
I love spinach!!! Spinach squares, dip, pizza, salad, etc., any way I can get it!
YellowRose said…
Great feast! I love Spinach, especially fresh spinach in my salads. Did you hear the news about fresh spinach and E Coli? There are reported cases of E Coli with bagged spinach. I'm not thrilled seeing I eat a spinach salad everyday!! So be careful!

Happy Friday!
Anonymous said…
Spinach isn't for me, though farina and eggs with noodles sounds pretty darn good too!

Thanks for dropping by, and yes, indeed, my picture is from the top of Blarney Castle in Ireland. We were there for a week on our honeymoon.

Have a great weekend.

~Candy @ Daily Thoughts
ladybug said…
Hey, I must be in the minority, I *lovelovelove* spanich!

i like your feast!
on the Rock said…
Thanks for the feast!
ecoutelalala said…
using a flattened box as a bookmark is lol..i think i'll start being creative with my bookmarks too. Have a nice weekend!
kailani said…
No spinach for me, either. Yuck!
Kaye said…
Spinach tastes great! I tried spinach pizza once and loved it.
Nadiah Alwi said…
:D Thanks for visiting my TT...

BTW my daughter loves spinach :D
Kaye said…
I normally steam okra and eat it with shrimp paste. I haven't tried the fried version. Nice feast!