Green Sister 44

It seemed like they'd been walking a hundred years when they reached the source of the pulsing green light. They stepped down a steep slope, turned the corner and were in a large round grotto, the walls covered with a slimy substance that pulsed with the luminosity. GS rotated, transfixed by the pulsing. There was more to this than just a random oscillation. She knew in her spirit if she could just grasp the message the lights were trying to send she would have the mystery to Nancy the Black's plan solved.

"The lights... they are trying to tell us something," she whispered to the men, who also appeared captivated by the glowing.

Lee said, also in a hushed tone, "It reminds me somewhat of the old Morse code we had to learn when I was in school, but... it's different. I mean, the dots and dashes are there, but they don't say anything. Nothing I can figure out anyway."

"It's easy to see that you two aren't science fiction fans," Mark replied. "Or that you never watched reruns of Twilight Zone. Obviously, they are sending messages but in their own language. That's why we don't understand it."

Lee and GS turned to look at Mark, then glanced at each other.

"Well, it's definitely a possibility," Lee said, after clearing his throat. "But, even if it is true, what do we do then, Mr. Spock? I don't see a slime-English dictionary lying around anywhere."

"Stop it," GS said, an edge to her voice. "Sarcasm won't get us anywhere. We need to work together if we are going to defeat Nancy... and if there's one thing we have to do, for the sake of the world as we know it, it's defeat Nancy."