Green Sister 20

Janna and Mark drove for half an hour in silence, Janna mulling over the questions she wanted to ask Ann... and how she could explain her sudden interest in numbers, in general, and pi specifically. Well, she was a writer and imagination was her stock in trade. It wasn't unusual for her to interview people in different fields for background for her stories, so... her next heroine was going to be a mathematician and, possibly she could meet the hero on March 14, Pi Day. That should work.... somehow.

"So," she said suddenly, her mind settled on the way she was going to approach Ann, "it must have been a pretty serious rift between you and Ann to cause you to worry so much about me."

"It was."

Janna waited, but it was obvious Mark was going to be no more forthcoming about it now than earlier. Janna sighed, audibly. It was going to be a long trip at this rate.

"You mentioned that you 'work' but you never said what kind of work you do." Janna tried again to engage him in conversation. Anything was better than the silence in the car and her hand itched to reach over to the CD player and turn Elvis back on.

"At whatever interests me at the moment. This past month, I've been working as a massage therapist at a spa down the street from my house. I spent last year in Brazil teaching English. I like having different experiences, so I spend time doing different things."

"That doesn't afford much security, does it?"

"It's not necessary. My parents were heavily insured and Gran put all the money in safe investments. I guess you could say I'm one of those 'trust fund babies,' but without the fame of some of them. And, a desire to do more with my life than have outrageous parties and be seen on television. Now, why don't you tell me why you are going to see Ann?"