Green Sister 4

"Can I take these with me?" GS looked up at Det. Novak with what she hoped was a winsome smile.

"Sure, I had copies made for you." He waved her thanks away as she tucked the photos into her utility belt.

"Okay. I'll let you get back to it, then," she said, giving him a wave as she left the room managing not to trip over anything.

Retrieving her magnetic bike from its precarious position against the sign, she spun her way into traffic and went to view the first damaged statue for herself.

Arriving at the Giant Mushroom that had been erected in the days when the city was the "Fungus Growing Capital of the World," GS saw it had been surrounded by bright yellow crime tape. People were standing around gawking at the 'shroom which had been studded with black crystals and paint in the shape of pi. Definitely Nancy the Black's work. GS didn't understand Nancy's strange obsession with pi. Now, if the obsession had been with PIE, she could have fully comprehended that, but she was afraid she'd been left out of the loop when it came to receiving any kind of math gene. It was going to take all she could do to try and match wits with Nancy this time.