The Green Sister 3

The Green Sister tripped over the threshold as she walked through the door of the police station. She turned and glared at the offending threshold before continuing down the corridor to Det. Novak's office. A coughing attack assailed her as she pushed the door open and was enveloped with stinky cigar smoke.

"Hey, Novak," she called out, trying to wave the worse of the smoke away from her face, "haven't you ever heard of the Clean Air Act?"

Larry Novak stood up from the chair behind his desk. His normally pleasant face wore a worried scowl.

"Sit down, Sis," he said, with none of his usual jokes. "We have a serious situation here with Nancy the Black. We are at our wits' end. If you can't help us, I'm not sure what we will do."

GS winced at the clinking noise her chain cape made as she settled in the chair. Not for the first time did she envy her pal, Silver Snake, who had a jeweled cape. SS kept insisting the chain cape was so much more practical, but GS would love to feel more feminine sometimes. With an effort, she pulled her mind back to what Det. Novak was saying.

"...four in the last week," he concluded.

GS frantically cast her gaze around the office, seeking a clue to what she had missed. She caught a glimpse of a pile of pictures laying on the desk and motioned to them.

"Do those have to do with it?" she asked.

At Novak's nod, she reached over and picked the pictures up. Fanning through them, she saw what he had been talking about. Four of the city's most famous landmarks had been severely vandalized... and it was obvious it was Nancy the Black's work.