Got an Idea

I was lying in bed last night, just before going to sleep, thinking about the story I'm working on. I need to add about 1,000 words to it before I can submit it to the market I'm planning on. I worked on it a bit yesterday and added close to 300 words, but that was still a far cry from 1,000. It's a simple piece and (imho) the simplicity is what makes it work, so I don't want to change the tone of it. What a conundrum! Anyway, I was pondering last night and I think I've solved the problem. Instead of adding any more to the existing story, I'll add another section...six years earlier. That might work.

I tend to do some of my best thinking in bed, I've noticed. In that interesting state... half awake/half asleep. One problem is that sometimes in the morning the idea has flown... lost on the wings of sleep. I'm sure that it exists somewhere in my subconscious and I'm hoping that the conscious mind will dredge it up when necessary.

When and where do you get your epiphanies?