Good Saturday Morning

I'm waiting for DH to finish getting ready. We have some jobs to do today and the time's awastin'.

In addition to holding down a full-time job, DH has a stump removal business we do on the weekends... when he retires, it will become his full-time job. It's normally kinda fun to be outside... a lot of work, but fun nonetheless. It's chilly and windy today, though, so it won't be QUITE as much fun. Oh, well. Anytime I can get away with my love, it's a good day.

He and I really enjoy spending time together. It doesn't seem to matter what we are doing, it's just enjoyable being together. Some days we just ride around looking at things we haven't seen before or taking unknown roads. Since the price of gas went up, admittedly, we don't do so much of that any more, but we still manage to do some.

We were hoping to go to Lake Eufaula fishing this weekend (DH has Monday off due to MLK Day), but found out the conditions on the lake Sunday were going to be rough... windy with a high of about 40. Nope... we like fishing, but we're not really into freezing our butts off on the water. Much better to spend a cold, windy day cuddled up in front of our woodburning stove!

I don't normally get much writing done on the weekends, but wanted to at least get a few minutes in here... I do have a short story I've just finished. With a few tweaks, I think it will be ready to send off. Will keep everyone updated.

Have a good weekend!


Marianne Arkins said…
Hey Judy,

Are you going to post your story for feedback? If it's for WW, I'd love to help you with it. If nothing else, feel free to email it to me. If I can't get in over there, then you're my next choice!!