Decisions, Decisions, Decisions #MFRWauthor

I absolutely love flash fiction - in the first online writers' group I ever joined -Writer's Ink (in... ahem... the last century) I was dubbed "The Queen of Concise" for my ability to take a 10-word list and create the shortest story with them. Those were eventually gathered together and used to create a short story that appeared in the now-defunct SHADOWKEEP ezine's anthology .

One of my first published pieces appeared in WORDS: The Quarterly Magainze for Readers & Writers of Short Stories, No. 40: Spring 2000. Unfortunately, the periodical does not appear to exist any longer, but a reprint can be seen here.

Thirteen years ago, I was featured in A FLASHER'S DOZEN(The Second Issue, Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter, 2005), a now-defunct chapbook (hmmm... I'm beginning to see a pattern here) that was published by the late KR Mullin and Sandra Seamans. The story was "Happy New Year," timely for today's blog.

One of the projects I really enjoyed was a serial story called "The Green Sister", featuring a character created for a writing prompt from my friend, Marianne, using a "find your secret superhero identity" quiz (unfortunately, the one we used is now... you guessed it... defunct). It was a lot of fun... I might see if I remember how to log in and see what else I can do with it.

But, I'm supposed to be picking my FAVORITE... it really is like picking your favorite child! Let's see...there are several works in various stages:

A biblical fiction about David's wife Abigail (it's finished... just haven't found a home yet)
An Irish romance
A ghost story (started for NaNo a few years back...yikes 2007!)
A time travel story

Since I have to choose one-- I think my favorite of those four would be my ghost story... it was a lot of fun and something else I would love to revisit this year.

Happy New Year, everyone, and happy writing.

Check out the other participants on this meme here. By the way, if the idea of flash fiction appeals to you, here's an open call that closes the end of this month... check it out: Flash Bang Mysteries.


Molly Daniels said…
I wrote my 1st ghost story last year, and hopefully it will be published later this year. I really like the Abigail idea!
Helen Henderson said…
A ghost story was one of my first things published. Years later because it dealt with a Civil War ghost, it was republished in a veteran themed anthology. Thanks for jumping into the challenge. It's a fun group.
Judy said…
Molly and Helen... Thanks for stopping by! My NY promise (I hate the word "resolution") to myself was to get back into blogging and writing. This seemed like a great place to start!
Last year this blog hop helped me to blog more consistently. Welcome to the challenge. I have to jump in and say I wrote a ghost story too, but I'm not good at writing short stories so it might, one day in the distant future, turn into a novella.
Paranormal romance is one of the most fun subgenres to write, I think.
Ed Hoornaert said…
Welcome to the Hop, Judy.
RaineB said…
Hello, Judy, and welcome! Thanks for sharing an interesting list of favorites!
Meka James said…
Flash fiction. I tried my hand at that a little last year. Had to take 3 words and make a 100 word story out of them. It's hard, so my hats off to you for that ability.
Unknown said…
I love ghost stories! Reading and writing them :) I have at least one appear in all of my stories.