Writing Exercise: Friday, 1/29

Miss writing-- so I'm trying something new here. I've signed up for a daily writing prompt from Writers Write, so going to give it a shot. Today's prompt List the last five films I've seen-- that's not as easy as it sounds, because (1) we don't go out to the movies (2) we watch a lot of old movies on TV (love the old movie channels) and (3) I'm usually working while we're watching so I don't pay that much attention to what's on. But, five movies I remember watching recently are: Song of the Thin Man Love Crazy The Inn of the Sixth Happiness The Keys of the Kingdom The High Country So... first words (not counting "the" of course): Song Love Inn Keys High Novel Title: Sing a Song in a High Key at the Love Inn... okay, maybe not... my business partner, Marianne, would say that title is too long for Twitter. However, I like the title The Key to the Love Inn or The Song of the Love Inn.. or maybe The Keys to the High Inn. Hmmmmm... thoughts?