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The Writer's View

Hello and thanks for having me today!

I’m really excited to be here and to share my novel Dark Summoner with everyone! Today we’re talking about the view inside my writing space, or space(s), as I work in a couple! I’m a very visual person so having the right environment is conducive to my writing process. I technically work in two writing “zones” as I call them. One is at home in my office/playroom. The other is at the local coffee shop.

As the mother of a rambunctious 2 year old, my office is 50% workspace, 50% playroom. It’s great for dual purposes as it allows me to get extra work done while my son can be near. When I’m not working my day job (Website administration) I’m taking every chance I can to write. As you can see, my desk looks out onto our backyard. It’s not large by any means, but it’s absolutely lush. We have all kinds of gorgeous flowers and plants. Ferns, gardenias, grass and moss that cover almost the entire backyard. There’s a beautiful evergreen Magnolia tree that sits directly outside my window. I absolutely love looking at it each day. Watching the breeze brow through the leaves is quite calming.

Personally, I’ve always been one to work in front of a window. There are times where writing can be isolating and for me it feels more open and I feel more connected to the world, when I’m in front of a window. I have two inspirational quotes hanging from my wall and a billboard with notes, reminders and ideas. I also recently added a couple of whiteboards. I keep my reference books on Faeries, Dragons, Wizards and Vampires handy at all times.

When I’m at my “second” writing space, the local coffee shop, I always take up the small corner table near the bathrooms. I like to have my back to the wall where I can watch people come and go. It’s also a great view of the huge window that overlooks the historic street and all of its’ charming details.

No matter where I am, there are three constants that I need to write (outside of my laptop). Those three things would be: Scrivener- which I absolutely swear by! It’s a fantastic tool and if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do! The Internet- this is for any type of research I may need and finally Evernote. Evernote is an online note taking tool that syncs between your devices. I use it religiously to organize and structure ideas and anything I’m working on.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about me, and the world I write in. Thanks so much for having me today and letting me share my “views” with you!

"It wasn't the first time I'd had a vision, but it was the first time one had tried to kill me."

Abby Davenport has spent the last fifteen years forgetting her past until a fateful night reveals her false reality. Thrust into a new world of dark sorcery and ancient magic, she's shocked to discover her destiny lies as the keeper of a powerful relic. Now everyone wants to control, own, or destroy her. No longer able to discern truth from lie, she’s torn between a charming guardian and a mysterious summoner. Abby finds herself strangely drawn to each man—one sworn to protect and one who calls to her soul. Can she survive the strange and dangerous labyrinth of the first realm, where every move, emotion, and reaction must be a calculated one?

Enjoy an excerpt:

His six-foot-plus frame leaned against the leather walls, arms crossed over his muscular chest, his demeanor casual yet controlled. To say he intimidated me would have been an understatement.

He seemed like the devil incarnate—a strange combination of wickedly handsome and utterly terrifying.

A strange black smokiness swirled around his frame, and I couldn’t tell if it was coming from him or somewhere in the club. Everything about him exuded danger. Whoever he was, that thing took one look at this man and disappeared. I couldn’t help but feel slightly grateful. The brief windows of light allowed me glimpses of his dark and brooding features. Much of him remained in shadow. But I noticed his stunning eyes. They glowed unnaturally and danced as he watched me. With abnormal speed, they flashed from crystal gray to black coal and back again. His short, jet-black hair was tousled yet perfect, and a slight stubble bordered his jawline.

His riveting stare petrified and aroused me at the same time. Looking at him made me desirous for things I never thought I would want. I was recovering from the silent assault when a sudden daze clouded my mind, and my eyelashes fluttered uncontrollably. There wasn’t time for me to panic as it lifted within seconds.

I was no longer in the club.

About the Author:
With her debut novel Dark Summoner, D.D. Miers begins the Relic Keeper Series, a fast-paced romantic saga filled with danger, destiny, and magic, set in her favorite genre, Paranormal and Fantasy Romance.

Born with a wildly overactive imagination, she’s told stories of enchanted worlds, treacherous villains, and epic love for as long as she can remember. She keeps a watchful eye for the paranormal hiding around every corner and constantly checks the window or rearview mirror for a vampire or fairy.

Although she has a fondness for all things fantasy, she's an epic romance fan at heart and in everything she asks, “What would Jane Austen do?” The journey to becoming a published author has been a long but exciting one. A fervent desire for taking readers from the ordinary to the extraordinary keeps her motivated, and she believes that everything is better with a good helping of romance thrown in.

D.D. is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Sub-Genre of RWA (FF&P). She continues to attend conferences and writers’ workshops in order to help inspire, share, and promote her love for romance.

During her downtime, she loves to spend time with her family, share her obsession of all things romance with other fans, and catch up on her never-ending TBR list. She resides in beautiful Southern California with her wonderful husband, an adorable toddler, two kitties, and the many different characters living in her head.

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads ~ Google+

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Sounds like you are one busy lady. I would have loved to have worked where my children could be around me all the time. I know it is probably hard to get a lot done but its still a nice feeling
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I love your work space! You have a great view on all sides :).. thanks for sharing.
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I liked the excerpt, thank you.
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I have enjoyed learning about the book. Thanks for sharing it.
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Thanks to everyone for checking it out and thanks to my wonderful host!
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