Dogwood Blues by Brenda Rose Sutton - Book Review

Do you like books that are full of fun and awesome characters? Did you love Steel Magnolias and/or Fried Green Tomatoes? Check out this debut novel from Brenda Sutton Rose, Dogwood Blues.

It is the town of a small town in south Georgia who is confronted with the 21st century, not only in the guise of a gay couple that moves to town (one half of the couple a local football hero), but also in the remarriage of Boone, a blues musician. There are secrets that are uncovered and a collection of characters you will love, especially if you are from the south or from a small town!

Ms. Sutton's characterizations are spot on-- I know these people!! My favorite is Nell-- a cantankerous soul who reminds me of Ouiser from Steel Magnolias. She is a character who is hurting and who hides that pain with a hedge that keeps everyone out.

The novel is told with some flashbacks and in short vignettes that gives the reader a glimpse of life in this small imaginary time.

Kudos, Brenda! I am looking forward to your next book!

Told through the voices of its eccentric characters, Dogwood Blues is a story of a small southern town struggling with change. Carrying the odor of scandal, award-winning New York author Kevin Kilmer moves back to Dogwood to write his memoir, and Boone Marshall, blues pianist and farmer, returns from a trip to New Orleans with a wife, nightclub singer Jasmine Boudreaux. When gossipmonger Nell Sauls, a member of the fabulous Honeysuckle Bridge Club, gets wind of the recent events, she starts dropping gossip like bird poop over the historic district. And not far from Dogwood, the Alapaha River, the color of tobacco spit, flows in liquid harmony, carrying the scent of something more ancient than the human soul. Dogwood Blues, a story of heartbreak and forgiveness, moans with the blues.

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