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Thanks so much for having me today. It’s always a privilege to share with readers when I’m so far away from so many of you, all the way over in New Zealand!

A Few Questions

Are you famous is a question many authors are asked. (a)Does this happen to you and (b) what do you say?

Bahahaha. I write both under my own name and a pseudonym. I do sometimes get this question, but mostly in the “should I have heard of you” form rather than are you famous? I usually say I’m world famous in my street.

In general do you like to talk about you writing and published books or are you very close-lipped about it? If no why?

I love to talk about my published books, but I’m often a bit more hesitant about work in progress. Once it’s contracted I’ll chat all day, but I have a thing about jinxing work until I know it’s actually going to be out there in the world.

What book/s are you currently writing and what is it about?

I’ve recently finished the two follow up titles for The Boss and Her Billionaire – My Love on Deck Series. The second Love Lost and Found picks up Felicity’s story, who was Michaela’s BFF on board in The Boss and Her Billionaire. She was a character I just loved and so had to give her her own book! I’m also writing two books from my next series – all about hot surf chicks in the ASP – Association of Professional Surfers! But we’re here to talk about Cruise Ship love at the moment – Love Lost and Found is all about hot, tropical, secluded, sexy love!

Felicity Williams can't remember the last five years thanks to an accident that wiped out her memory. She fled her old life in hopes of starting fresh and found refuge working on a cruise ship. But her past is coming for her…

Rick McCarthy wakes after a climbing accident to discover that his business partner and fiancĂ©e has quit her job and disappeared. He’s trying to accept that she’s run out on him, but now he needs her signature to close a deal that could literally be life or death. He’ll go to any extreme to get what he needs…even if that means becoming someone else to win her back. But a little lie becomes a large mess when they’re stranded on a deserted island together, and old misunderstandings might ruin their chance at new love…

Why this particular genre?

I love contemporary romance. It’s a nice bite sized dip into romance without too many overriding setting or character building things to digest before you get to your happy ever after! And it’s always immensely satisfying to write as you can pull so many strings together to make the whole book a nice, tight package of romance!

What inspires or motivates you to write?

I guess I kinda just can’t help myself. A couple of writing friends often complain that they’d like to be cured from this writing bug, but no matter how tough it sometimes is, it’s a passionate love affair with words that always draws me back to the page.

What is the writing process like for you?

It’s a job for me. I get up and I write. These days I’m usually always on deadline, but I still have time to sneak in a short story here and there that springs as if from nowhere – usually from a first line that has stuck with me.

What is the best part of being a writer?

Seeing your work in print and hearing that it transported readers to somewhere else!

Any advice for struggling writers? Four things really. Write. Read. Rewrite. Don’t stop. Seriously, the number of people who have told me they’d like to write a book but never quite get round to it. Obviously there are lots of things to learn and craft to hone, but the most important part is getting words on the page, if you can, everyday.

What is your favorite genre to read or write? I love contemporary and paranormal romance at the moment.

Favorite author?

Love Sarah Mayberry, Ruthie Knox and Nalini Singh.

Do you have a favorite spot to read and write?

I have an office I write in. I’ve recently had to install a lock as my Mr Two yanked the cord out of my hard drive and almost lost all my writing! ARG.

Do you have a bucket list and would you share at least two things on it?

Skydiving, having a bath in warm milk chocolate, trek the Himalayas, dive the Red Sea and travel to the Pyramids. There’s still so much of the world I’d love to see.

What have you done so far on this list?

I have skydived. I tried to get up into the Himalayas but there was some unrest (I was travelling overland from India) so we got turned back. The rest will have to wait its turn.

Most daring thing or experience you have done you would like to share?

My word, I’ve done quite a few things that could be considered foolish rather than daring! Hitchhiking through India and Malaysia springs to mind. I certainly wouldn’t do that now and I’m not sure I’d want to hear about it if my wee ones ever decided they’d give it a go!

And Finally--Motto/wisdom in life you live by.

“Fear is excitement without breath.”

Thanks again for having me. Happy reading!
X Michele
About the Author:
Michele was born in the mid 1970’s amid a burgeoning sprawl of vineyards and new retirement homes. With two teachers as parents, her love of reading and books was cemented at an early age. Being a writer however, was not was she was supposed to do when she ‘grew up’. Despite training in law (or perhaps because of it) she has been a dancer, producer, writer, and all round arty type in various countries for most of her life.

Moving into writing full time in 2010 was like being a part of a contemporary romance – perfect! Creating new worlds for her characters, or rather letting those same characters show her their worlds is now a highlight of Michele’s daily life. And falling in love over and over as each hero and heroine allow their true feelings to surface is something very special. What a treat to do it every day! Now back home in New Zealand after travelling extensively, Michele writes from an office where the sound of the tapping keyboard is only rivalled by the whisper of wind in the trees.

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