The Writer's View: Hazel Statham

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As you can see from the photograph, the view from the window of my writing space is very mundane but this gives you some idea of what I regularly see when I look up from the computer, Mollie surveying all from her perch! She is my constant companion and is always a delight.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an office where I can work alone but have to content myself with working with my laptop on a small glass table set before an easy chair in the lounge. I would dearly love an office where I could lock myself away from all the noise and bustle of the house as I can only write when everywhere is quiet. However, this is not to be and I tend to write when the house is empty and my only companion is Mollie, who found her way into FOR LOVE OF SARAH masquerading as a Pointer not a Labrador.

The quiet helps me concentrate on my hero and heroine and listen to the story they have to tell. I’m very much a go with the flow author and am always willing to listen to any suggestions my characters might have, so it’s important to me not to have any distractions. However, it’s not unknown for those very characters to start talking to me at the most inconvenient of times – especially when I’m just dropping off to sleep at night and it has been known for me to rise again at midnight and write into the small hours – well, it would be rude to ignore them, wouldn’t it…

Writing is a compulsion I just can’t ignore and combining that with my love of history provides me with my inspiration. Of course, as with every other author, I have my non-productive days when I find the most effective cure is to find something else to do until my muse returns. It could be hours or even days, but nonetheless there is no pressure to write. I don’t write to a formula, I write just whatever comes into my head and go wherever my protagonists take me. I usually have an idea where I want the story to go but am not averse to the occasional detour. Writing is my relaxation.

About the Author:
Hazel Statham began writing at the age of fifteen, finally committing to paper the stories she spun as a child. Writing has been her passion ever since, although marriage, motherhood, and career left time for little else. Once she retired, however, she was able to devote herself to writing full-time, publishing her first novel in 2007. A long time student of history, she writes mainly in the Regency and Georgian eras, though she has been known to dabble in the medieval as well. She lives in Staffordshire, England, with her husband, Terry, and their beloved yellow Labrador,>
Hazel loves to hear from her readers and promises to answer all mail.

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How many times can a heart be broken? How many times can love be denied? Sarah and Alexander were destined for each other but after just four short weeks of marriage, their lives were torn asunder.

Alexander, Earl of Thorne thought he had found his ideal mate but, when Sarah absconded shortly after their marriage, his world came crashing down. Now, five years later, he discovers her in a remote Yorkshire village.

Sarah had thought she was safe, but when, severely injured in a freak accident, her husband is thrust once more into her life, she fears her dark secrets and the fact she has a son, will become known.

Despite her own desperate longings, she continually repudiates Alexander’s efforts of reconciliation. However, fate conspires against her, and when her home is made uninhabitable by floods, she and her young son are forced to accept his aid and return to her former home.

Discovery threatens and, despite her breaking heart, she plans to leave Alexander’s life. What is this secret that makes it so imperative that she should abscond from him yet again? Can two broken hearts cleave and emerge victorious or will life's cruel forces tear them apart forever?


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