EXCERPT TOUR: Rebel Bride by Morgan Wyatt

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Eileen Sewell sparks plenty of gossip by spiteful matrons and their horse-faced daughters that she’d find herself alone due to her picky ways. Of course, she didn’t believe them. Then again, she also didn’t expect to be a mail order bride either. It wasn’t easy snagging a husband who hadn’t heard about her willful nature. Eileen finally gave up hope of finding love, and decided to settle for whatever she’d find out west. If that wasn’t lowering enough, she’d just witnessed the first train robbery. Unfortunately, the outlaws saw her too. Enter Marshal Colt Sheppard, who excels at extracting information from reticent witnesses. His crooked smile and broad shoulders shouldn’t charm her. She’d played this game before, only she never had a worthy adversary. Talk about bad timing.

Read an excerpt:

The annoying veil on her head fluttered against her skin, reminding her of flies crawling on her face, making further sleep impossible. Most of the passengers disembarked at Louisville, Kentucky the last large city. Only a few snorers remained in the car, along with other quietly sleeping passengers. She might as well lift the veil since no one would notice the act.

The night didn’t offer much in the way of distraction. The air drifting through a half-opened window had the scent of autumn with a nip of frost. Thank goodness, the peddler with the cigar got off at the last stop.

Her full bladder required a return trip to the necessary room. Her first experience with trying to squat over a fixed chamber pot on a moving train was memorable, in a bad way. She heard talk some men relieved themselves off the caboose, probably the real reason women weren’t allowed to go back there.

She moved cautiously up the aisle by placing a hand on the back of each seat to counteract the sway of the train and heard men’s voices calling out to one another. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one awake. They sounded close. A quick perusal of the car yielded no talkers or even any awake passengers. A horse whinnied, and another answered it.

The sounds came from outside. Was someone trying to ride along with the train? Eileen collapsed into an empty seat near an open window to get a better look, pressing bladder forgotten. A few cars ahead, two men on horseback raced beside the train, leading two saddled horses, yelling at someone on the train.

“Throw out the safe, John. We need to be gone,” the first man on horseback yelled.

A large block- shaped object flew out of the train and bounced, followed by a man, then another. They both rolled to their feet. One turned and looked at the train as they passed. Eileen felt he looked right at her and slid low in the seat, hoping the moon didn’t highlight her white face or red hair. Maybe the black hat did its job and helped her to fade into the night. Best she kept her veil down. She reached for the veil only to discover she’d lost her hat.

About the Author:
Morgan as a child had to suffer through movies with clueless heroines rescued by smart men. Her mother dutifully read her stories where princesses waited for princes to jumpstart their lives. There were no proactive female role models in the media at that time, with the exception of Wonder Woman. It is for this reason, and that it is fun, Morgan writes about strong women going after what they want.

She has a blog about dating after forty on www.datingafterfortyeight.blogspot.com
Morgan pinches pennies on her blog: http://thefrugaldivatellsall.blogspot.com/
She also reviews book for Novelspot and blogs about writing at: www.novelspot.net
You can find Morgan at www.morgankwyatt.com
On Twitter and FaceBook at: morgankwyatt


Lena said…
Love the excerpt, thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for hosting
morgan said…
Good Morning,
Thanks for hosting me. I love your chick photo.
morgan said…
Good Morning Lena,
You are better than me at showing up on time. Thanks for stopping by.
Gala said…
Hallo Morgan,
it's already afternoon here.
Well if something go wrong...of course she lost her had and has red hair, which would almost certain get her noticed :)

Ingeborg said…
Great excerpt, thank you.

Lyra L7 said…
Eileen does have a difficult start into her journey, doesn't she?

lyra.lucky7 at gmail dot com
morgan said…
Hi Gala,
Are you on the other side of the pond? Did you know in the Asian section of the world having red hair means you're a witch. That would cause even more troubles for Eileen.

Thanks for following.
morgan said…
Good Morning Ingeborg,

Providing excerpts is my pleasure. There is an excerpt for Undercover Rebel at my facebook site.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Morgan-K-Wyatt/160636730670958?ref=hl If you like me, then it comes up. Something my hubby designed.
morgan said…
Good Morning Lyra,
If things weren't difficult for Eileen, she'd never appreciate the really good stuff. Ok, I can say no more.;)
Emiliana25 said…
Hallo Morgan,

I didn't know red hair meant one was a witch in Asia, but I thought they only burned witches in Europe and USA?

Ami said…
Very intriguing, so she'll probably meet the Marshal next?

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MomJane said…
Another great excerpt. This book sounds so good.
Angela Adams said…
Great excerpt, Morgan!
morgan said…
Hi Emiliana,
My red-headed stepbrother went to Japan and China for his company when he noticed people crossing the street to get away from him. His guide explained it was his hair.

His blonde haired wife had no problems.:) Thanks for stopping by.
morgan said…
Hi Ami,
I do predict a a marshal in Eileen's near future. Keep reading. You have about ten more excerpts. Thanks for stopping by.
morgan said…
Hello Mom Jane,
I had a lot fun with this book. All the characters are fun. Hope you enjoy the excerpts.
morgan said…
Hi Angela,
Thanks for stopping by.
Anas said…
Always nice to learn something new, I hadn't know that about red hair :)

I love discovering something new about Eileen and the book, thank you for sharing!

Chelsea B. said…
Thank you for sharing an excerpt with us, Morgan! Your story sounds wonderful

let it be said…
Fantastic excerpt, hope you're enjoying your book tour :)
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morgan said…
Thanks for stopping by. I find out today was Joan of Arc's 600th birthday. I also found out she was the victim of a power shift too.
morgan said…
Hi Chelsea,
Thanks for stopping by. I conclude by your email, you're an author too? I may conclude wrong too.
morgan said…
Hi Let It Be,
I am enjoying my book tour, some great sites, an excellent book tour, and many fine people to meet, like yourself.
bn100 said…
I enjoyed the excerpt.

Mary Preston said…
I can totally picture the "spiteful matrons and their horse-faced daughters". Love that.