BOOK REVIEW: IN LEAH'S WAKE by Terri Giuliano Long

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A Story of Love, Loss, Connection, and Grace

At the heart of the seemingly perfect Tyler family stands sixteen-year-old Leah. Her proud parents are happily married, successful professionals. Her adoring younger sister is wise and responsible beyond her years. And Leah herself is a talented athlete with a bright collegiate future. But living out her father’s lost dreams, and living up to her sister’s worshipful expectations, is no easy task for a teenager. And when temptation enters her life in the form of drugs, desire, and a dangerously exciting boy, Leah’s world turns on a dime from idyllic to chaotic to nearly tragic.

As Leah’s conflicted emotions take their toll on those she loves—turning them against each other and pushing them to destructive extremes—In Leah’s Wake powerfully explores one of fiction’s most enduring themes: the struggle of teenagers coming of age, and coming to terms with the overwhelming feelings that rule them and the demanding world that challenges them. Terri Giuliano Long’s skillfully styled and insightfully informed debut novel captures the intensely personal tragedies, victories, and revelations each new generation faces during those tumultuous transitional years.

Recipient of multiple awards and honors, In Leah’s Wake is a compelling and satisfying reading experience with important truths to share—by a new author with the voice of a natural storyteller and an unfailingly keen understanding of the human condition…at every age.

In Leah's Wake is not an easy book to read, because it shows how quickly a family can be torn apart in the wake of one member's self-destructiveness. The family is described as being happily married, successful professionals. However, when their oldest daughter, Leah, goes off the deep end--the fissures that were present in their lives come to light. Her actions show the weakness that is inherent in the family.

I applaud the author on her debut novel and on her tackling such a difficult subject. There were times during the book when I wondered if the family could find any common ground to bring themselves back together to a place where healing could begin. Every member of the family had to face their individual demons--and try to overcome them.

The book, as I said, is not an easy book--but a book that grips you and makes you think about just how fragile a family can be--how easily a family can be shattered.

About the Author:
Terri Giuliano Long is a frequent blog guest, with appearances on hundreds of blogs. She’s written news and feature articles for numerous publications, including the Boston Globe and the Huffington Post. She lives with her family on the East Coast and teaches at Boston College. Her debut novel, In Leah's Wake, was a Kindle bestseller for more than 6 months. For information, please visit her website:

Other places to find Terri online:

Twitter: @tglong


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Ingeborg said…
Thank you for the review. I'm looking forward to reading In Leah's Wake.

Shannon Ro said…
Thank you for the review. This sounds like a really emotional novel that I look forward to checking out

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Good review. Like that the author touched on things mothers and fathers have to worry about.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful review! So often a family can seem strong and together, but we never see their private struggles. I'm so pleased that you felt In Leah's Wake captures that.

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bn100 said…
That was a nice review.

Christine D. said…
Thanks for the review. This was a very touching book, and I feel bad for the families that have so many trials to endure. It was a realistic read, and I am glad to have read it.
Mary Preston said…
It makes you wonder how you would manage.