The Writer's View: Jennifer Rainey

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Jennifer will provide two $20 Amazon GCs and five copies of Thoroughly Modern Monsters, her short story collection, to randomly drawn commenters during the tour. The grand prize to one randomly drawn commenter will be a $25 Amazon Gift card, a copy of These Hellish Happenings (her first novel) and a copy of Thoroughly Modern Monsters.

The environment in which one creates is very important. Trust me, I once tried to write a draft of a short story sitting on the ground outside my classroom when I was in university. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

While it’s probably horrible for my back and my future carpal tunnel (I know it’s in there! It’s only a matter of time!), I sit on my bed in order to write my fiction on my netbook. I’ve made it my goal to surround myself in my room with things I find inspirational in order to keep those creative juices flowing.

A few things to start: I always have tea with me when I’m writing (normally in a cheeky or terribly stylish mug). Also, note the books in the background. My bedroom is covered in books!

I also always have a candle lit. Today, it happens to be the Autumn Day scent (because if I can’t throw crispy leaves all over my bedroom, I’ll find another way to get that autumn smell in my house!)

I don’t believe in empty wall space; I’ve been a crazy poster collector ever since I was a teenager. Surrounding myself with posters relating to movies and musicians I love keeps that creative spark (and let’s face it, nothing keeps you on your toes like having Norman Bates looking over your shoulder).

I also collect artwork that feature similar moods to those I feature in my writing. This could be anything with a bit of dark-folksy or down-home mystery to it!

You can also always expect to see a notepad with me when I’m writing. I scribble down notes faster than I can think of them most of the time (and normally, I’m the only one who can actually read them).

I have but one window in my bedroom which unfortunately looks right into the upstairs window of the house next door! But fortunately, when I’m working and working well, I get so wrapped up in what I’m writing that I don’t need a spectacular view, anyway. I’ve got all I need inside!

Thank you for taking this tour of my writing space with me! Happy reading and writing to you all!

About the Author:
Jennifer Rainey was raised by wolves who later sold her to gypsies. She then joined the circus at the age of ten. There, she was the flower girl in the famed Bearded Bride of Beverly Hills show until the act was discontinued (it was discovered that the bearded lady was actually a man). From there, she wandered around the country selling novelty trucker hats with vaguely amusing sayings printed on front. Somehow, she made enough money to go to The Ohio State University for a major in English.


When Erasmus Bramble finds the recently-deceased Angus Heyer rummaging through his kitchen cabinets, he knows he has a unique case on his hands.

As paranormal investigators in rural Ohio, Ras and his business partner Antony Yeats tackle ghostly problems on a daily basis, from poltergeist exterminations to troubled spirits just looking for a shoulder to cry on. Angus isn’t looking for ghost therapy. He needs Ras and Yeats to help him retrieve a pocket watch stolen from him after death, a pocket watch that is said to be cursed: The Beldam’s Eye.

The skeptical Ras and Yeats agree to take Angus’s case, but they soon find themselves in over their heads, facing murder, theft and perilous dark magic. Is it all just backwoods superstition or is the curse of The Beldam’s Eye grisly reality?


Mary Preston said…
Thank you for sharing your writing space. I need to be more creative with my walls.

Thank you for hosting Jennifer today.
Jennifer Rainey said…
Thanks so much for hosting me today! :) I had so much fun taking all of these pictures. I'll be around on and off all day to answer any questions any reader might have, and if anyone is interested in purchasing The Beldam's Eye, they can do so here:

Thanks again!!

Ingeborg said…
A good cup of tea is very relaxing.
I enjoyed the post.
Chrysrawr said…
Now that is so cool! Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I love the artwork you have!
Shannon Ro said…
I love the mental tour I am getting of your workspace, sounds pretty cozy with the tea and candle. I think that could inspire me too

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Susie Welker said…
Thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
I love vintage movie posters. The foreign ones are fun, too...I saw a very cool exhibition once of '60s Italian movie posters (the British mod movies looked very cool), and there was once some retrospective of Polish movie posters that had very unexpected and interesting typefaces.

bn100 said…
Nice post. Thanks for sharing.