The Writer's View: Dora Hiers

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Welcome to my writing world. Come on in.

Would you like something to drink? How about some CafĂ© con Leche? It’s one of my faves. It’ll just take me a second. Be right back.

Here you go.

Do you like it? Yeah, I know it’s strong, but when your alarm goes off at five-thirty, you need something to kick-start that old motor.

My office isn’t too neat, is it? But it’s organized the way I like it, with things I need at my fingertips, like my laptop, printer, manuscript folders, and ALWAYS something to drink. Usually coffee, but when the temperatures escalate outside, I like a Caffeine Free Diet Coke or iced tea.

And this mess doesn’t compare to the chaos floating around in my head. Characters, plots, scene ideas. You name it. Wish I had some way to file those or turn them off at night. I do my best with sticky notes, on my desk, the wall, the laptop screen. Smart phone apps like Voice Recorder and Color Note work great for those ideas that wake me up or while my dog walks me around the park.

Some writers like music. Not me. The only music I listen to is the hum of the ceiling fan or Bruiser’s soft snore. This afternoon, I enjoyed rumbles of thunder and the soft rhythm from raindrops. Bruiser isn’t too fond of thunder. Here he is in his new thundershirt.

Isn’t he adorable? He’s not too sure of it, but since he hasn’t bolted for the shower stall upstairs, it seems to be working.

A few times a month, my office doubles as a daycare. Our grandson claims to be sick, but I think he just wants a day off to spend with Meme. On those days, I only get work done when this happens:

My creativity takes a drastic nosedive in the afternoons, so I write in the mornings. I’m a routine kinda gal. You won’t find me huddled over my laptop at my favorite coffee shop. Sometimes, though, I can’t resist taking my laptop out onto the deck.

Inspiring, don’t you think?

Occasionally, a wild turkey meanders through the yard. Or a fox. Or the five ducks that live on the lake beyond the fence. At different times, of course. There must be a “no passing” sign back there. Can you see the turkey in the middle of the picture?

And the squirrels can be quite entertaining. Caught one of these little guys draining the hummingbird feeder, then he had the nerve to play dead. What? Did he think I wouldn’t notice the empty feeder? Never mind that he has his own feeder back by the fence. Guess he just needed a drink. It’s no wonder animals play a huge role in my books.

I hope you enjoyed this visit into my writing world. Stop by anytime, won’t you? Next time I’ll brew some Island Coconut coffee. Mmmm…

About the Author:
After a successful auditing career, Dora left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom to her two sons. When her youngest son didn’t want her hanging out at school with him anymore, Dora started writing heart racing, God-gracing books. Dora belongs to the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and the Carolina Christian Writers. Her first inspirational romance, Journey’s End, released with White Rose Publishing in 2011, and her second, Journey’s Edge released in March 2012. White Rose also contracted her third book in the Marshals of Journey Creek series, Journey’s Embrace, and her first short romance, Small Town Treasure. Dora and her husband make their home in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

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Devastated after the brutal murder of her husband, Chelsea Hammond vows never to love another lawman. Intent on rebuilding her shattered life, she turns her focus to helping troubled teens. But when an angry father bent on retaliation, threatens her, Chelsea must turn to the one man she never thought to trust: Deputy U.S. Marshal Trey Colten.

Trey wants only to protect Chelsea, but she blames him for her husband’s death. Trey can relate. He blames himself, also. As danger lurks, Trey begs Chelsea to heed his warnings. He let down one Hammond. He won’t let down another—especially one who now holds his heart.

When Chelsea is snatched from her home, can she put aside her fear, and trust Trey with her life? Can she forgive him for destroying her past and let him help to rebuild her future?

Where one journey ends, another begins…

A Routine Audit? Hardly.

Red flags—including some goon who's following her—raise McKinley Frasier's suspicions that numbers don't add up at the insurance firm. When someone tries to snatch McKinley's daughter from school, she turns to police officer and ex-fiance, Renner Crossman—the cop who walked out on her a month before their wedding. But Renner's not the same guy who broke her heart ten years ago. He calls himself a "new man." She trusts the new Renner with her daughter's safety...but what about her heart?

After an injury forces Deputy U.S. Marshal Sage Michaelson off duty, he heads to his hometown with two things on his mind: recuperating and reevaluating, but Sage can’t refuse his best friend’s plea to keep a protective eye on his little sister after someone ransacks her house. But Delaney’s not so little anymore—and definitely not the young “Dane” Sage remembers.

Flight Medic Delaney Hunt has loved Sage forever. But, he’s all about control and order while she embraces life and takes risks. As much as the idea appeals to her, she doesn’t need Sage looking over her shoulder. But when things go wrong and she finds herself hanging by her fingertips, who does she call to rescue her?

Will Delaney ever be the woman Sage wants by his side? Can Sage learn to live by grace, recognizing that God is in control? Can they overcome their fears to embrace life together?


Dora Hiers said…
Good morning, Judy. Thank you so much for hosting me today and for showcasing my books in such a beautiful manner. Your blog is lovely.

Good morning, all! I've almost drained my first mug of coffee. Heading for my second. What does it take to get your motor running on those slow-to-crank mornings?
Sandra Ardoin said…
Coffee...definitely gets my motor revved. What a beautiful world, Dora!
Thank you for hosting Dora today
Angie Arndt said…
Lovely world you live in, Dora! :) I think Bruiser is quite handsome in his Thundershirt. But, how can you write with such a beautiful yard. I'd spend all my time watching the wildlife!
Dora Hiers said…
Thank you, ladies. So glad you enjoyed the view. :-)

Angie, it helps to keep eyes glued to my laptop screen, but I do tend to get distracted. All is well, though. Everything is fair game for a book, right? lol
Myra Johnson said…
Fun to get a glimpse of your world, Dora! Lovely backyard! And cute doggy too!
M.A.D. said…
Dora sounds like such a sweetie - I love her dog, Bruiser & his thunder shirt! <3

Some of our bulldogs are also scared by loud noises, and those thunder shirts are a Godsend! :D

Congrats on your literary success, Dora! And thank you for the lovely glimpse of your beautiful home life! ~

ps ... never knew squirrels could play dead lol, we've got several onery little stinkers we keep will fed and they will actually come up to the door if they think we're being remiss getting their granola & corn put out!
Dora Hiers said…
Thank you, Myra! We enjoy both the back yard and the dog. lol.

We're keeping our Little Man (2-yr-old grandson) for a few days. After herding him around last night, Bruiser's already sacked out on the family room floor and it's only 8am. I'm jealous. Could use a nap myself. :-)
Dora Hiers said…
Awww, thank you, M.A.D. I appreciate your kind words!

How many bulldogs do you have? Did you have to spend a fortune in thundershirts? It seems to work well if I get it on before the storm starts.

Oh yeah. Squirrels are quite the little tricksters. We love watching them, and our grandson enjoys filling up the feeder with Grandpa.

Thanks for stopping by, M.A.D. Great to meet you!