Thursday Things

Was going to do a meme but couldn't find one I wanted to do. So... today is the last day of work at the library this week. Love my job, but love being home too. :-)

I have a LOT to do here, not the least is packing up Christmas. When I was growing up, it was considered bad luck to leave Christmas up through the New Year... now more and more people are going with The Twelve Days of Christmas and leaving things up til Epiphany (tomorrow). Still others undecorate their tree, but leave it up for the next holiday and decorate it with Easter eggs or springtime ornaments.

Me? Yes, my tree is still up... but not particularly because of Epiphany. Because I'm (are you sure you're ready for this) lazy when it comes to taking it down. This year, however, part of the reason is because we were so busy after Christmas getting the site changed over...and I'm still so excited about it. Long and Short Reviews looks SO pretty! Sometimes I will go to the site just to look at it...LOL.

You Are Practical

You have your feet firmly planted on the ground, and you are very sensible.

You always seem to know what to do, and if not, you can sort things out on a long walk.

You are like comfort food for the soul. You set your friends (and even strangers) at ease.

You take extra good care of yourself, and because of this, you have a lot to give back to those you love.