Happy New Year

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know. That was yesterday. But, it's the first time on my blog in FOREVAH...so I wanted to wish all of you a "Happy New Year!"

We (meaning Marianne)are exhausted after the relaunch of our website Long and Short Reviews. It's been renamed, redesigned, and we will be offering more than just romance reviews, interviews, etc. We are expanding our horizons and hope to soon offer more genres for your reading pleasure.

So, once again, I'm turning over a new leaf... hope to do a lot more posting this year. My poor blog misses me.

Had a strange dream last night (not that it's that uncommon from other nights): I was starring in a Doris Day movie. In the dream, I knew I was in a movie, playing the part Doris played...of course, on waking, I don't know of any play she was in that had her being pelted with dead fish, Rock Hudson yelling at the teenagers, "Why are you throwing fish at an old lady?" and being more insulted by the "old lady" remark than by the fish! If you know this movie, please let me know. :-)

I went to Marianne's to steal get inspired by her quiz for the day, but she hasn't posted yet... so to start the New Year right... here's my own quiz:

You Are Champagne

You are outgoing and easygoing. You're happy to have a conversation with anyone.

You are gracious, charming, and downright nice. You truly like other people.

You are adaptable and adjustable. You don't think anything needs to be set in stone.

You celebrate and embrace change. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Happy New Year, everyone!!