Tuesday's Meme Fun

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #57.

Shamelessly stolen from The Queen's Meme site.

We're talking THREES. Answer these questions all having to do with the number 3. I predict this meme will take about 3 minutes to do.
Of course I could be wrong.
It's been known to happen.
And watch out! Question #3 is a doozy.

3. Where were you 3 hours ago?
It's 8:58 pm as I'm writing this; three hours ago I was locking the door of the library after our last patron had left :-)

3. Is there anything pink within 3 feet of you?I am already in my jammies and there's pink on them; plus there's a plastic cup that's pink that is sitting on the table between my recliner and my husbands.

3. Name the 3 scariest places in the world. 1. My brain (because I just this minute realized all the questions are question 3); 2. California (because no matter what they say, I'm sure if I go to visit, it will fall off into the ocean; 3. my child's bedroom (nuff said)

3. Name the 3 loveliest sights you've seen lately. My husband's face when he surprised me for lunch; a flower from our yard my husband brought me yesterday; the clean kitchen I came home to tonight

3. Name the top 3 Bands in the year you were born.The top three according to The Oldies Guide are: Maybelline by Chuck Berry; We're Gonna Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets; Tutti Frutti by Little Richard.

3. Walk to your front door. Go outside and get in your car. Drive 3 miles East. Describe 3 things you saw on your way. Okay.. it's late.. we're going to pretend I did this. I passed some lovely ponds, the post office, and my friend's RV park :-)

3. I, Queen Mimi, have sentenced you to a 3-day diet of your most sinful cravings. What will you be partaking? Reading, chocolate, wine, fresh bread

3. Go back to question #3. Change the first word to "travel" and let me know if you survived. I'll hold a room for you in the dungeon in the meantime. I survived the trip to my brain, but I don't recommend it for the faint-of-heart; I'll let you know when I finally make it to California; and even I'M not brave enough to venture into A's bedroom without the National Guard standing by.

3. If you are the 3rd person to do this meme and sign the Mr. Linky as #3 you win a prize! The prize is you don't have to do this meme. Oops. **Don't you know you should always read all the instructions/questions FIRST??** Unfortunately, I'm not going to be number three, because I'm not going to sign it til in the morning and the number three spot is already taken :-)


For our daily "See How Much Judy and Marianne are alike" quiz:

You Are Rules by Mars

You are an extremely passionate person, and you're quick to take action on your passions.

You take large leaps and huge risks. You definitely aren't one for planning.

You have a ton of energy, and you are a natural leader. You motivate and inspired people.

You have a pretty strong competitive streak, and you can be a bit aggressive when you're trying to win.

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