Tuesday Twitterings

Got a lot to do this morning before going to work (this is my late night ...noon-9...sigh), but wanted to stop in and say hello. We are hoping to finish working on the garage this weekend (it's my long weekend...F,S,S... nice!) and only one of the garage doors is working. So...that's on the agenda. Plus I need to get pages done up far ahead for LASR/WC because for our anniversary week Bob and I are running away to the coast (hopefully, I'll be able to contact Mediacom about fixing our Internet down there...it's been horrible the last few times we've tried to go.) Fingers crossed. I've even been looking into wireless Internet connections...anybody have any suggestions?


The daily "How Much Alike are Judy and Marianne Quiz":

You Are Whimsical

You are an unpredictable and fascinating person. You are quite mischievous.

You are curious about the world, and you rarely resist indulging your curiosity.

You are a total optimist, and the world makes you happy. You can be downright bouncy.

You are nonchalant and carefree. You are easily amused and delighted.