Friday Fun

It's a conundrum: when the economy is bad, people use the library more-- they stop buying books and start borrowing; instead of Netflix or Red Box, they check out DVDs; they come in and use the computer to look for jobs. Libraries are busier these days than ever. The conundrum comes in because our budgets are being slashed right and left. So... what to do? Here's what one library did:

How about you? Do you utilize the library? Do you support the library?


For our daily, "See How Much Marianne and Judy Are Alike" Quiz:

You Are The Extrovert

You have a huge circle of friends, and you're always adding to your crew. You love to be around other people.

You are fun-loving and well-rounded. You enjoy most activities, and you find little reason to complain.

You get along with almost anyone - kids and animals included. You never feel shy in a room full of strangers.

You are very engaged with and interested in the world around you. People matter a great deal to you.