Monday Mutterings

I took some days off work so we could go on vacation...Bob's only been to the shore for two days this year while I was at a writers' retreat and I haven't been any. We were excited. Packed up early Friday and hit the road, Jack.

Got about to Tallahassee and the truck started doing funky weird things...skipping, trying to shut off, etc. We discussed it....the consensus was if the truck's going to break down, better to do it close to home where we have family and friends to call to come get us. So... we turned around and came home.

No vacation for us, but we're getting a lot done around the house. And the truck?

Hasn't given us one more inch of trouble. Sigh.

Oh, well... we're doing work on the boat we wanted to do and in a couple of weeks we'll be going down to Swanee, Florida for an antique outboard motor club meet.

We did drive down to Reed Bingham for their fireworks display. NOTE: Check and see if your state park system has a "Friends of..." It's a great way to support your own state parks. The state park system can be an excellent, inexpensive source of family fun.

I was going to show some video, but I had a DB (dumb blonde) moment while shooting it. I wanted to get the rocket launch as well as the explosions, especially for the finale. So... I turned the camera over. Did you know you can't switch video directions like you can a still picture to get a taller shot? Sheesh.. my rocket launchers look like they are coming out of the side, not the bottom. I'm not happy.

Stolen from Marianne:

You Belong in Brooklyn

Down to earth and hard working, you're a true New Yorker.

And although you may be turning into a yuppie, you never forget your roots.


Jill said…
haha! I've done that! Our digital camera has a video function and it took me a couple years before it finally stuck in my head that you can't turn the camera and take vertical video. I have a whole buttload of videos you can only see if you tilt your head 90 degrees!

Hope you get that vacation soon!