Randomness of the Wednesday Time

First... Beate Boeker is chatting with us today at our LASR Yahoo group so feel free to drop in and say hello to her.

Also, if aren't a member of that group, you should be. In addition to the wonderful writers you can chat with and just the fun things we do, once a month we give away free advertising...so what's not to love?

Second...my wonderful husband bought me something for my birthday. Something I've been wanting for a long, long time:

The first time I got on it (March 22, in case you are wondering....17 days ago), I could barely do half a minute (seriously... it was very very sad.) I'm proud to say that this morning I was on it for eleven whole minutes. I might could have stayed even longer, but the coffee was ready and, hey, a gal has to have her priorities in order. chanel handbags

Third.... not only am I Twittering (http://twitter.com/JudyT), but so is The Long and the Short of It (http://twitter.com/LASR_WC), so to keep up with what is happening in both my worlds... come and follow me/us.

Fourth... I have to go announce the winners of our latest Yahoo giveaway.... have a great Wednesday!