What, When, Where, Why, How with Shannon Robinson

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What is one grammar mistake you consistently make? Putting a comma in place when there should be a semi-colon instead, or vice versa. I've caught myself doing that many times - still have to drag along my old grammar books from high school to reference. Those are certainly a treasure trove to hold onto.

Where did you last shop? Walmart - I am a huge Walmart fan. Groceries, electronics, books, etc. etc. I can get at Walmart. And anyone who shops at Walmart knows what a huge inspiration going there can be for a writer - honestly! I'm a people watcher and you can find every type or personality of people at Walmart!

When do you enjoy chocolate? Well...to be honest...all the time! LOL!! Seriously, if you put a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in front of my face, I'm going to eat it. Those are definitely my favorite tantalizing chocolate morsels, but pretty much any chocolate tempatation will do. I particularly crave chocolate during my day job - when I'm stressed to the max - or around midday, about 3pm or so. A little snack before dinner - even though I should be snacking on cucumbers or carrots or something...hmmm....that may be why I can't shake these 20 pounds...

Why is cotton candy sweet? Other than the immense amounts of sugar involved, I truly feel that cotton candy is so sweet because it represents a sweet time period of our lives. What adult didn't indulge in cotton candy at the county fair as a child? As children, we relish the taste of cotton candy, the sweet innocence of devouring that delectable treat on a hot summer day. As adults we remember that time and taste the sweetness of cotton candy once more. chanel handbags

How do you solve a Rubik's cube? This is so unoriginal but I did this to impress my son one time (though he wasn't too happy when he found out I'd tricked him!) Take off all the stickers and rearrange them. That's how you solve the Rubik's cube - Shannon Robinson style.

Shannon Robinson is the published author of, currently, two short stories with Aspen Mountain Press. When she's not plugging away at her day-job, enjoying life with her two beautiful children and wonderful husband, you'll find her curled up with her laptop, creating new worlds for readers to enjoy, or indulging in a new book of her own.

Shannon is a lover of the outdoors, fan of scrapbooks, and baking - even though she'd not very good at it. Her favorite pastime is, of course, her writing. Her stories range from sweet to sensual to a bit naughty, as she loves to explore all aspects of romance.

Her dream of being published was realized in 2008 with Aspen Mountain Press who took the anthology project she was involved in and published it. Now, Shannon's goal is to provide her readers with sensual romances to not only rival your fantasies but stir your hearts.

She invites everyone to visit her website to read more about her, her books, and other projects she's working on.

Shannon's website: http://www.shannonrobinson.com


Marianne Arkins said…
Oh... I'm so with you on the chocolate. The Reeses Easter eggs are so good...


I think I put on five pounds just thinking about eating them! LOL...
I hear ya Marianne, thinking about chocolate take me up a pant size!
Great post, Shannon. This is a grat blog concept.
Thanks ladies! Like I said, my candy fetish must be why I can't shake the 20 pounds I've packed on since high school. LOL!
Thanks for reading!
Julie Robinson said…
Hi Shannon,
Just saw your post on the CHRW loop. Are we twins? Though I must admit I was never clever enough to think of the Rubik's cube trick. As for the commas, my dh says that he can tell if I've been drinking a little because I tend to be very generous in my comma usage. I'm drinking tea right now, though . . . .
rum tea--
Oh, incidentally, I NEVER pass up the chance to get cotton candy. In fact, I had some this weekend at the Mardi Gras parade.
LOL!!! Gotta love that rum tea! Nothing wrong with that - I'd say it adds a little spike to the imagination and we writers certainly need our imaginations at full speed. Thanks for commenting!!