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What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Wonderful question! Even as a kid I loved this question. My simple answer was the chicken. I just always figured it was due to the fact I had great respect for mothers because they love, nurture and protect their young ones. With this awesome power, mothers have the innate ability of creation.

Have you ever seen a mother hen protecting her eggs? Oh my gracious. A setting hen can stubbornly face off with humans to protect her nest. I witnessed this first hand as a six-year-old child while collecting eggs with my grandmother. Granny explained to me about gentleness when dealing with her favorite hen. The ruffled feathers and sharp beak are still vivid within my mind even now. :-) That mother hen had no doubts about who came first—the chicken or the egg.

When did you have your first story or book published?

My very first published short story was "Flashpoint," a 700 word flash fiction. (Notice the play on words?) That wasn't the only 'flash' in my tale. There was also a lightning strike. The story was published in The Florida Palm 2006 summer issue along with several other submissions. The fun thing about it was the beautiful magazine showcased a background image behind the written words of a broad multi-fingered lightning strike. chanel handbags (http://www.aithnejarretta.com/downloads/Flashpoint.pdf)

The Wild Rose press published my short, "In a Heartbeat" and released it in December of 2007. This particular story also centers in the eye of a storm. What can I say? Florida is famous for its lightning strikes and storms. Both these short stories were written early in my writing career and soon after moving here to the land of my heart.

Last summer, I had the distinctive pleasure of winning a contest at LSAR for my short story submission, "The Matchmaker." The paranormal elements in this 1000 word story were subtle, but it remains one of my favorites.

Last but never least, my big baby Concentric Circles arrived from the printers in January. This is a special delivery because it is my 'first' full length novel. Although it comes last on this list it was the actual beginning of my writing. Like a circle it has come back around because without this 'baby' the other stories would never have been created.
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Where is the best tourist spot in your town?

I live in a paradise. This rings true for both Florida residents and our many visitors. There are countless attractions in this wonderful area, but the best by far…

Clearwater Beach

Not just because it is award winning. With the glistening white sand, gentle waves to soothe your stress away and balmy breezes—what's not to love? While the sunshine here is awesome, the moon hanging low over the Gulf can give great pleasure. (I call it absorbing moonbeams. ;o) I've even seen the Gulf waters so still they gave the impression of a smooth mirror facing heaven. When you couple that stillness with the teeming life under the surface you realize the wonderment of our earth.

Why do the angels cry?

Angel tears bless, heal and welcome. They cry in rejoicing when a child is born. Their tears heal the broken hearted, the sicknesses in our world and the tragedies we endure on our life journey. When the time comes for us to move on they greet and guide us. At that time the tears of homecoming are a blessing.

How good are you at chess?

Oh my goodness, not very good I'm afraid. I've only played twice and both times my opponent was more experienced than I. However, I do like the strategy aspect and would one day like to learn more about the game.

Aithne Jarretta was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. The mother of two grown sons, she is a graduate of Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. While in college she expanded upon her love of history and graduated with a BA in Humanities. For fourteen years she has studied spirituality, metaphysics and history. These elements weave together in her stories and give a firm grounding to her paranormal and magical world building.

Aithne Jarretta
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Anonymous said…
Oh, I do LOVE your answer to the angel tears question!! Congrats on your releases and good luck in the future.
Anonymous said…
Thank You Mysti!

I dearly love angels.

Please feel FREE ;o) to stop by my Blogspot and read my progressing FREE Novella, LEGEND OF OSYTHE & AMON. I will be uploading chapter 3 tonight.

~ Aithne