Monday Morning Meme (and Best Book of 2008..VOTE!)

Before we get started on today's Monday Morning Meme... the reviewers at The Long and the Short of It have chosen the books they considered the best in 2008. We have a poll up for the readers to choose the VERY best of the best. Voting runs from today through February 14, so get out and cast your vote for the Best Book of 2008.

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January 26th Questions:

1. When was the last time you vacuumed out your car? How often do you wash your car? Do you wash it, or do you run it through a car wash service? How much money do you generally spend to wash your car?
The last time I vacuumed my car was last week. I try to wash it once a week...and I either use a run through this car wash service or I use one of the DIY car washes. If I use Goo Goo, it costs $5 (and the vacuuming is free and I can sit in my car). If I use a DIY, it costs around $2.50 and I have to pay for the vacuuming, and I get wet. So, it depends on how I feel and what the weather is like :-)

2. What kind of car do you drive? What color is it? Do you like your car? How long have you had it? Is it reliable? Would you recommend it to a friend? If money were no object, what car would you buy for your family? Now, which car would you buy for yourself? Do you have an opinion about people who drive expensive cars? (Jealous? Disgusted? Curious?) I've just started driving a champagne colored Taurus. Kinda like this: chanel handbags

I've only had it a couple of weeks. Our daughter bought it, but we've taken over the payments since her hours at work have been cut and we signed over a "paid for" vehicle to her. It has a few minor glitches, but I feel safe going off in it. My mom has the same car, but a year earlier model.

Hmmm.. if money were no object...let me ask my husband (I know next to nothing about cars). Bob said, "Volvo station wagon for a family car; red Jaguar convertible for your car." So...that's what we'll get when and if we win the lottery.

My opinion of people who drive expensive cars? If they can afford it, why not? However, I do admit... I'm curious about people who drive expensive cars while living in a dump. Me? If I'm going to put that much money into something, it's going to be my home first.

3. What’s the biggest thing on your mind right this moment? Why is this issue so important to you at this time? Time and the lack thereof. Like many of us, I'm a busy person with a lot of responsibilities on all sides. Trying to balance everything is a trick. (If you are worried about balance, as well, the first Thursday of every month, Liana Laverentz joins us in our LASR Yahoo group to talk about balance in our lives. And, you're in luck...this coming up Thursday is the first Thursday in February, so come out and join us as we talk about how to be the balanced person we all want to be.

4. Have you ever cried when hearing about the death of a celebrity? If so, who? And if so, why? Who was the last celebrity you remember feeling sorry for? Why? Pick one celebrity you would miss if he/she were to die. Why this person? I came close to crying when Karen Carpenter and Elvis died, but I don't think I did for either of them. I feel sorry for any of the celebrities who can't handle their success. It seems so many of them should be on top of the world, but they have everything the world says they should want, but so many of them are miserable. They have to be, or they wouldn't continue in such self-destructive behavior. It's just sad all around.

I miss the older entertainers as they die's coming to the end of an age.


Sue said…
Your Yahoo group sounds interesting! I too feel like something of my childhood is being lost forever when the older celebs I loved so much as a kid pass on.....

Thanks for stopping by :)