How is a Medieval Faire Like a Sandwich?

Because the best stuff was in the middle.

Bob and I went down to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire and hung out for a bit with a writing friend, Gayle Schlafer.

Here she is as "Killian the Bold," who greets visitors at the gate and asks them to help her in her quest. And, here we are together, just to prove I really was there:

There was SO MUCH TO DO! My only regret is that there isn't enough time in one day to take in everything. They had four stages going and entertainment going on almost constantly. You can check it out for yourself here. Food and drink everywhere (including mead, which is not to be missed...mmmmm). Vendors who sell things from corsets ("We bind them up, We bind them down, We make your bosoms plump and round") to swords to services like face decorating and hairbraiding: chanel handbags

The entertainment was awesome. We were able to see a Scottish band, Albannach. The music truly gets your blood wonder they play this going into battle. Here is a (very bad) video of them.

Perhaps my favorite entertainment, though, was "The Singing Wenches." I laughed so hard my face hurt!

To see a bit more about the faire, check out this video:


Fun stuff! I'm so glad you enjoyed the singing wenches. We had a blast doing the act. And it was good to meet you. Thanks for the link to your site!