Monday Morning Meme

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1. You have just been hired to clean your own home, what is your first complaint? OMG... look at all the clutter! How can I even see to dust the furniture? Almost every surface has junk on it ..well, in the den. The rest of the house? A piece of cake, but the den? It would take a bulldozer.

2. Are you able to ignore a ringing telephone? How often do you allow a ringing phone to go to voice mail? Do you answer your cell phone, out in public, every time it rings? Or do you silence it and get back to it when you’re in a more private area? How often would you say you’re on your home phone? Your cell phone? Do you like talking on the phone or do you view it as a necessary communication tool? Wow, that's a LOT of questions :-) Can I ignore a ringing telephone? In a heartbeat...but only since the invention of Caller ID. And, only since the influx of telemarketers. If I don't know you (or recognize the number as a local number...because ours IS a business line), then we let voicemail pick it up every time. On my depends on who it is. A lot of times it's one of my kids and they just want to chat, so I'll chat with them. I keep my phone on vibrate, though (because of working at the library) so if we're in the middle of dinner or we're talking with someone else...I'll call them back.

When I was a teenager I LOVED talking on the phone. My BF, Teri, would pick me up in the morning for school and take me home. We spoke during school (we even had a few classes together). As soon as she got home, she would call and we would talk for hours. I'm sure that wasn't an every day event, but it was often enough it SEEMS like it was :-) Heaven only knows what we found to talk about. chanel handbags

The older I get, the more I dislike talking on the phone (except to my kids...and that's just because I never get to see them).

3. When did you last go for a bike ride? Do you own a bike? Do you encourage your children to ride bikes? Given the most popular New Year’s resolution of losing weight, would you consider putting bicycle riding as one of your exercise options? Why or why not? It's been so long since I rode a bike I don't even know if I remember how. We have some bikes in the rafters of the garage. I think I'm going to talk to Bob about getting them down. We want to start walking after supper, so this might be something else we could enjoy doing.

4. If you had to name a smell that always makes you nostalgic, what would it be? What sorts of memories does the smell evoke? Baby powder. It transports me back to the times when my kids were little and cuddly. There is something so satisfying about cradling a freshly-bathed baby in your arms and inhaling that aroma. I could sit like that for hours and be perfectly content.


Anonymous said…
That's so funny, baby powder makes me think of my mom...but only because she taught me to put it in my shoes during the summer to keep my feet fresh, LOL!