Monday Morning Meme

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November 24th Questions:

1. Thanksgiving is this week! Where are you going? Besides eat, what do you do on Thanksgiving? Do you have any family traditions you’d like to share with us? Don’t forget to take pictures! (You’ll be asked to show them next Monday! This will also prove handy for Coffee Chat!)
For the first time in years, we're staying home. We normally visit my aunt and cousins in South Carolina (last year we broke with that tradition and went to North Carolina to visit my daughter and her husband and to help celebrate their marriage). This year, most of the family is going to be here for Christmas and with me starting back to a "real" job, the thoughts of packing up and driving anywhere just was too daunting. sister and her husband are coming down from the Atlanta area and we'll have our Thanksgiving feast here. The day after (unless there's something on sale I just can't live without), I'll start putting away the autumn decorations and haul out the Christmas ones. chanel handbags

2. What is your favorite gadget? Why is it your favorite? If money was not an object, what gadget would you buy for yourself? My coffee grinder, hands down. I love the taste of freshly ground coffee. And, if money were no object, I'd get a coffee maker with a built-in grinder that I could set up the night before. Marianne has recently bought one (and early Christmas present 'cause her old one bit the dust) and I am soooo jealous.

3. You’ve been chosen to be a contestant on “Survivor” and you leave in 6 weeks. How will you spend the next 6 weeks to prepare for the challenge? After I pick myself up from the floor where I've fallen laughing hysterically, I would decide I'm not going to worry about losing weight (after all, the fat may carry me through starvation), but I would build up my stamina by starting to take long long walks.

4. How many times a week do you visit the ATM machine? Do you normally carry a lot of cash? How often do you use credit cards? Are you pretty good at paying off your balance every month? How do you control your credit card spending? I NEVER visit an ATM machine.... mainly because I have the hardest time remembering the PIN. And, I very rarely have cash on me. The only "credit" card we use is actually just a charge card and must be paid in full each month or they cut you off. I love that, because whipping out plastic is just too easy. I DO use the debit card to buy a lot of things. That I need to be more careful of, because $2 here and $3 there add up.

If you play along, let me know. And, Happy Monday, everyone.


Sue said…
I should have thought of my coffee grinder :) I LOVE having freshly ground coffee each morning, it is my one true indulgence I cannot live without :)
Jodi said…
I have forgotten my PIN so many times. Have a great Monday!
Anonymous said…
I can never remember my pin either, LOL!

And I just accidentally ordered a bag of whole bean coffee. Can I send it to you to grind, : )
Margaret said…
I'll have to agree on the coffee grinder. I've spent so much money on them because I've used them to death. The cheapest, Black 'n Decker lasted the longest.

But I sooo miss it.

Happy Thanksgiving