A New Venture

I have started a new blog dedicated solely to books. I would love for you to go check out Book It! I'll be talking about all kinds of books, because even though I love romance (have you heard I'm co-owner of The Long and the Short of It?) I also like many other kinds of books. So...on Book It! I hope to share some of those books with you and find out what you enjoy reading.

And, if you are interested in possibly making a little money from doing things you enjoy, go here.


Valerie Bowman said…
Hi Judy,
It's Valerie, stopping by to say hello!
Anonymous said…
*waves* I'll have to remember to bookmark you. :)

Margaret said…
I'll have to check that out. I'm getting a bit slow on my reading lately and need some good reads. In the middle of that Kite Runner sequel... I don't know.. thousand suns thing.

So not doing it for me for some reason.