Monday Meme and Fun Contest News (not necessarily in that order)

Happy Halloween Week! At LASR, we are having a scavenger trick or treat party. We are giving away books and candy! The party is here and we hope you have fun! Come and join in the fun.

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1. What’s your mood today? Why do you feel this way? Would you consider yourself to be a moody person overall? When has your “moodiness” gotten you into trouble? Tell us about that incident. The past few weeks I've been.. not moody, exactly (I save my moodiness for ...oh, let's just say monthly or so hormonal changes. And then I cry at the drop of a hat)... distracted, for lack of a better term. There are changes going on in our household that in one sense will be beneficial, but in another sense will change the way I do everything. I've been content with our life as it is, so change is unsettling, to say the least.

2. How do you feel about the dentist? On a scale of 1 (terrified) to 10 (he’s like a brother to you). And, if it’s a low number … is there a reason behind your fear / loathing? Tell us a dentist story (we all have them). Can it be a negative number? I don't have a real reason for my dental phobia (and it's a real phobia....I HAD to have some dental work done and my doctor gave Valium and my dentist gave me gas... I wish he was here instead of in North Carolina).
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3. If you could interview anyone, who would you interview, and what would the first question be? I interview wonderful authors all the time... check the interviews out on our interview page.

4. What did you do over the weekend? Cleaned... we've been going through Fall House Cleaning (trying to get things in wonderful shape due to the changes I mentioned in number 1)


Marianne Arkins said…
I have no dentist fear at all... doctors either. Am I weird? It's inconvenient, and occasionally uncomfortable, but necessary. ::shrugs::

"Distracted"... yep, yep, yep.
Sue said…
many people are afraid of the dentist. I rhink as a profession they should try to come up with a way of alleviating peoples fears, and discovering why so many are uneasy going to them.
Dawn said…
I don't like change, so I can understand feeling unsettled. Have a nice week! :-)
Anonymous said…
Ooohhh...distracted. That's a good one! I feel that way a lot, but I can just never put my finger on it!