Good Monday Morning

EDITED TO ADD: I've just discovered I was nominated for the "Nicest Personality Award" in the Bloggy Hoss Awards Contest Kailani is conducting on her awesome site. If you want to vote for me, you can go here. Thanks!

:::Yawn:::: it's in the wee small hours of the morning here. 4:10 and I'm waiting for my partner in crime Marianne. This is the morning for the re-launch of our romance reviews site. It was OMG...exactly a year ago (well, yesterday was exactly.. June 8, 2007) that Marianne said to me, "Hey... I have an idea for a group blog -- doing simple reviews for some of the Wild Rose short stories and any other stories/books that tickle my fancy, but I'd love to have other folks participating... If I set things up, would you be interested in helping now and then?
I thought I'd call it "The Long and the Short of it" or something"

And thus was born what we all know and love as The Long and the Short of It. Who would have thought in a year's time we would have gone from "simple reviews" to a full romance ezine featuring both non- and erotic romance... and not just reviews.. but a whole lot more!

I was searching back over our old chats... on July 19, 2007 Marianne made the comment.. it would be nice to build our own website to archive reviews from the blog, but I'll probably never do it.

On July 22, we were discussing names and features! Marianne and I have decided not only WERE we nuts.. we still are.

Do go and check out the latest evidence of our insanity. The front door gives you access to both sites. For direct access to the same LASR you all know and love, click here (you might want to update your bookmarks). To check out our brand new erotic romance site, click here.

Have a great day!


Renee said…
Thanks for stopping by! I voted for you.

I'll have to check out your new review blog. I just finished "As High as the Heavens." I enjoyed it and will look for others by that author. I need to read 3 more books for the summer reading program at my library...but I'm always reading anyway. LOL
Ceri said…
You two may be crazy but you've both done a spectacular job on the site! Congrats!