Bad Bad Judy

I have been a woefully inadequate blogger. I apologize. I'm going to try to do better (there are a lot of things I need to try to do better at... including my writing! Oy vey.)

Anyway... we are having a party at the LASR Yahoo group. We're giving away prizes and having fun. You can't be entered in the comment unless you comment, though, so get on over there and have fun with us.

I am thinking about remodeling my kitchen (I'm always thinking about remodeling something!... ) We need to finish our bathroom projects...then our laundry room project... but, I'm thinking the kitchen/dining may be next.

Bob built a stand for me to keep my turtle tank on.

I hope the picture's not too dark. We painted it a gloss black and I loved it. Since it sits in our dining room, that got my imagination going. I've been wanting to make a big difference in our kitchen/dining room. So..I'm seriously considering going black and white. I found this dining set and really liked it, esp. the chandelier they have. I think I can recreate that look with my own table and chairs with some sanding and painting. Then, I discovered this kitchen redo and really like it.

What do y'all think?