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Happy April Fool's Day.

I have just read of the GREATEST hoax in the world. It wasn't an April Fool's Day prank, but it should have been. chanel handbags was the tradition in a certain high school for the seniors to pull some kind of prank. This one group of seniors took three pigs to school and let them loose. They were labeled Pig #1, Pig #2, and Pig #4. The school officials spent ALL DAY looking for Pig #3. I LOVE IT!!!!!

For the top April Fool's Day hoaxes, check out this site.


Lianne said…
Tsk, tsk! Having been a teacher yourself, you should have found the piggy prank BAD! lol. But how smart. That must have been the brainchild of one of the seniors' parents. What high school kid would be that smart?? lol. JK. Hope no hs seniors read the comments on your blog. :) Have a great day.
groovyoldlady said…
I am the butt of many pranks because I am rarely suspicious and unendingly gullible.
Chris M. said…
Oh, that prank was FABULOUS! Matt and I are sitting here lauging... he said that sounds like something he would have pulled in HS if his father hadn't been a cop! LOL

I have people try pranks on me all the time due to the blonde hair... imagine their surprise when I'm too suspicious to fall for it. Must have something to do with growing up in an insane family.
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