Welcome to This Year's Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome to my party. I'm Judy. I'm a writer, an editor with a small press, and co-owner of The Long and the Short of It. (BTW... we are having a St. Patrick's contest you might want to check out...we're giving away $100 worth of gift certificates). chanel handbags

This year we are having a Latin-themed party. I have picked out my prettiest party dress.

And, I have a very special guest with us. Liam Neeson. Everyone tell Liam hello.

And, join us as we dance. Don't you just love salsa?

Oh, my goodness... dancing definitely makes me thirsty. We have plenty of libations: Sangria, Margaritas, Frozen Virgin Margaritas, iced tea, and lemonade.

And.. we can't have drinks without munchies. How about some empanadas, quesadillas, and don't forget the tortilla chips and salsa ;-)

And, grab some fresh fruit and cheese before you go off to the next stop on your party.

I'm so glad you came by and I'm looking to see you at your party.


Anonymous said…
Well, it seems I'm the first to arrive - dibs on all the yummy stuff - you've got my favorite party foods and Liam was a BONUS! Thank you so much for having us and enjoy the rest of your week!
Karen said…
Oh yum...I'll be there!
Lianne said…
Who needs food and drink when Liam's here?? Nice party. **G**
OH Thanks, Im starving!

Great layout! Had to find you through google , since 5minutes for mom site is down. I over the colors and pictures! My site has a disco going on, so come by and dont forget your dancing shoes!

Come visit me at http://palofmine.wordpress.com
melissa said…
thanks for stopping by my party =) now i'm here at your having the time of my life!

i really needed that margarita!

happy blog partying ♥
devildogwife said…
Ok, now I'm hungry. ;) Party on!
Anonymous said…
mmm...sangria and empanadas! That's my kind of party! ;-)
Kristen M. said…
Thanks for stopping by my site. Enjoy the monkey bread!
Tracye said…
We just got back from dinner... Mexican food... mmmm!

But the margaritas look great!

Very fun blog!
Nise' said…
Hello Liam! Oh, can I just sit down and put my feet up and sip on a Sangria? Thank so much. Oh, these goodies are delicious.
Kimberly said…
It's a good thing I just ate! Looking at your post would make anyone hungry :-) You know how to throw a great party!
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting. I'm fairly new to blogging and this is just a lot of fun. A great way to get to make more bloggy buds :-)
Anonymous said…
Inviting you to party with me!

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Lissete said…
YAy! Salasa dancing! Love me some Sangria. Great Party! Thanks for having me.
Alexandra said…
Liam Neeson! How Yummy! Awesome Party!
Helena said…
Great party feast! That dress rocks, wish I saw that when I was shopping I definetly would have scarfed that up! Liam looks yummy too!!
Hi, I'm Robyn! said…
Just party hoppin' -- What a fun post! Now if I could only get my hands on that food!

Come visit me. I have a fun, no strings attached giveaway blog that supports women.
Kat Olivares said…
Liam! Liam! Liam!!!!!

Great party, Judy! I'm breathless with enjoyment! -kat
MelissaR said…
Looks like a fun party, and the food looks fabulous! (Reminds me that I'll have to make empanadas sometime soon.) Thanks for inviting all of us!
Michelle Potter said…
Thanks for visiting my blog party (http://usr-bin-mom.com) and entering my photo giveaway!

It's great to "meet" you, and have a Happy Blog Party!

(PS, great empanadas!)
CindyPTN said…
Hello! Happy Blog Party! Oh, I love a virtual drink and feast. All the yumminess without the calories. And Salsa, Yeah!

It's very nice to meet you.
mama2dibs said…
Wow! You have quite the party going on! Awesome!
Storm said…
Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!
Kirstin said…
The food looks Yum-O!!
Mercedes said…
My oh my! What a party over here!Dance, food, and drinks! Woohoo! This is wonderful! I might have to come on back over here! Come check out my party at: http://mercedesrules.wordpress.com/2008/03/08/blog-party-time/
Nadine said…
Thanks for having such a yummy party. I had a nice time visiting. Enjoy the rest of the parties.
Katy said…
hello! it's great to meet you!! :)
glad, i stopped by, i was hungry.
Bunny B said…
Looks like fun! Happy partying!! :)
Shana said…
Great food! :o) I will have to let my boys know that there is a Jedi from Star Wars here...lol!!!
Rebekah said…
Wow, love the fiesta!!!

After that latin dance video, I need a cold lemonade, and some ice to pour over my head... HOT!

Thanks for stopping by my party, and for inviting me to yours!
Thanks for stopping by my place - it's nice to meet you! I love the quote at the top of your site - so true!


(Stop by my review site too, to enter for more free ad space!)

Nice party! Does Liam like spicy? I listed your prize to my favorite store (great choice).
Kathryn said…
This is such a wonderful Idea! Come on over and Party on my Blog!


Artful Blessings,
kardel said…
Just party hopping. I love your post and all of the pictures. You must be very blog savy. Your salsa/mexican theme is very YUMMY! Come on over to my party and visit for a minute. See you there.
Bonggamom said…
Hiya Judy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- congratulations, you've won coupons for 3 free packages of Boca Burgers! Please send your mailing address to bonggamom@yahoo.com and I will mail the coupons to you ASAP.

Sheila said…
Yum! Quesadillas! Nice to *meet* you. Thanks for the prize offer at the UBP, I'm telling everyone on my post I want to win that! I love books and Amazon!

TheChinaPainter said…
The food looks great. Have a great blog party.
judy said…
Very interesting place here. Glad I found it thru the party.

sydney1948 at msn.com
CC said…
The food looks fabulous! Thanks!!
Tes283 said…
My turn to dance with Liam Neeson. (sigh) You are so lucky and I am so grateful that you are having this party.
Thank you for being such a great host.
Wow - you even have door prizes. Thank you again.

Well, I have to be going. Please pay no attention as I drag out your trash. Oh -ya it is very large, ya, you could say it is Liam Neeson sized. (cough, cough) I am sure he is somewhere in the house.
Got to get going.