Sunday Scattered Thoughts

Charity tagged me with this book meme, so I thought I would play along (that way the next time I have a tag to make, I know who to tag ;-))

1). Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)
2). Open the book to page 123
3). Find the fifth sentence
4). Post the next three sentences
5). Tag five people

The closest book to me is one I'm reading (or going to be reading) for a review for our review site. I hope there are no spoilers here.

The book: Brief Gaudy Hours, by Margaret Campbell Barnes. The book blurb:

The infamous love of King Henry VIII and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn undertook a rocky journey from innocent courtier to powerful Queen of England. A meticulous researcher, Margaret Campbell Barnes immerses readers in this intrigue and in the lush, glittery world of the Tudor Court. The beauty and charms of Anne Boleyn bewitched the most powerful man in the world, King Henry VIII, but her resourcefulness and cleverness were not enough to stop the malice of her enemies. Her swift rise to power quickly became her own undoing.

This is a quote from Anne: "Oh, I know, I know! You can see, Madame, the wickedness that is in me. But they planted it there, Wolsey and the King between them."

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And, in honor of the 104th anniversary of the premiere of Madame Butterfly: