Christmas Countdown: ONE

Finished up with everything yesterday...going to start working on tomorrow's dinner, plus Ashley wants me to make some rabanada to take to work with her. So... I'll be doing that in just a bit. Hope you all have a wonderful and fun-filled Christmas Eve.


Dru said…
Merry Christmas!
Margaret said…
Merry Christmas to you and yours. I thought I finished everything days ago but this afternoon I looked up at the Pet's stockings and realized I forgot about them.

Not daring to venture into department store land on Christmas Eve - I sped on down to a local Walgreens. They had everything I could have needed except for the poor Guinea Pig.

So I just shoved a carrot in his stocking and a mini box of cheerios. =O)
Alice Teh said…
Merry Christmas, Judy!

It's already Christmas day here where I live... :)