Which Sink Should I Choose?

Y'all might remember me telling you that we are remodeling our house (along with the kagillion other things we are doing... like running a business, starting a website, writing... you know... LIFE?)

Anyway, we're about ready to start working on the kitchen and I really need to check out some sinks. The one we have in there is stainless steel and, while the sink is okay, the faucet really is horrible. As a matter of fact, I can hear it dripping and I'm in another room!

I'm not sure, though, whether I want to stay with stainless steel or try one of the newer finishes. Has anyone else had any experience with other types of kitchen sinks? I would love to know what you think and what you would recommend. Just so you know.... all my appliances are white.

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Renee said…
My MIL has that molded plastic stuff kind of sink and it's really nice. I want one of those seamless sinks or bottom mount so that crums and gunk don't get caugt in the lip of the sink when you wipe off the counters. I'm all for ease of cleaning.