A Strange Combination

Marianne and I have joined together in an effort to overcome the flab. We are doing Weight Watchers together and hopefully I can get rid of some of this excess weight I'm carrying around. I had not quite realized how much (the scales not withstanding) until Bob and I had our picture taken together in the Sequoyah Caverns... and, no, I will NOT post it. I believe in truth and honesty on this blog, but I don't want to turn anyone's stomach.

So... I'm going to put up a handy-dandy little ticker to help me stay accountable not only to Marianne, but to all of you as well.

And, now to the "strange combination" in the title. I want to tell you about the wonderful restaurants we ate at while on vacation! (and you will know why I'm back on Weight Watchers!)

The first night there was also the first night of Mentone's Colorfest. It was a lot of fun. They kicked the festivities off with a bonfire and live music. After we ate at Dessie's, we had the pleasure of listening to James Smith. He was very good! It was fun to sing along with him.

The following day we perused the arts and crafts at the festival and then drove to Ft. Payne and ate at The Box Office Grill at the Strand.
Box Office Grill at the Strand - Located inside Strand Antiques in downtown Fort Payne, this grill offers Hot Dogs prepared fresh just like you like them. Order up the John Wayne, the Box Office Special, the Railroad Dog or any other variation of this popular food item. We also have the best burger in town, chicken salads and sandwiches. Now serving dinner on Friday nights, offering the finest in steak dinners.
I had a "John Wayne hotdog" and it was the best hotdog I have ever put in my mouth. A freshly grilled hotdog with mustard, onions, chili, and cheese, you literally had to eat if with a fork and knife. I'm salivating just remembering it!

Supper was at The Little River Cafe.
Little River Cafe - This rustic restaurant features homemade dinners such as southern country fried steak and catfish fillets. We also have specialty sandwiches including a Reuben and the French Dip. All of our desserts are homemade with our signature dessert being Carolyn's made-from-scratch Fried Apple Pie. It is great by itself or go all out and try it Ala-Mode.
It's a charming restaurant that started life out as an Alpine Chalet and has a huge fireplace in the middle. The food was most excellent.

Sunday, we did some rambling after church, and eventually wound up eating "lupper" (what? you've never heard of lupper? If you can have "brunch" ... a combination of breakfast and lunch... why can't you have "lupper"?) at
The Golden Rule - The Original Golden Rule BBQ and Grill. The South's most famous Bar-B-Q
. And it's most famous for a reason. The food was to die for.

Before you think all we did was eat, let me assure you that tomorrow you will be regaled with other things we did :-) Fortunately, the other things usually involved a lot of walking... otherwise I would have come home even bigger!

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