Monday Madness

Have we got a lot of giveaways for you at LASR this week. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on checking us out.

First, we are so very excited to be spotlighting this year's winner of the Golden Leaf Award for best long contemporary fiction, Liana Laverentz, and will be giving away your choice of a free book from her, including the one that won the Golden Leaf. To read reviews of the two books we are giving away, go here and here. Our reviewers REALLY liked both of these stories.

And... we are also interviewing Marcia James, as she tells us about her new book, At Her Command, another free book you don't want to miss! It's "rated R, for Risque" and is a hot, sexy, funny book that will have you looking at law enforcement in a whole new light! (And.. just for my readers, I'm going to let you in on a little secret...if you go to Fun Friday on October 19, you will have a sexy and fun surprise).

I'm not done yet...we have recently had the opportunity to review two Regency novels that are being released tomorrow. If you go to our romance reviews site today and tomorrow, you will have the chance to win both of these books just by leaving a comment. This contest runs all week.

You can't say we don't love you. As a matter of fact, we love you SO much that if you tell your friends and loved ones about our contests in your blog, you'll get an extra entry in whichever contests you have entered. How can you beat a deal like that? If you enter all four contests, you get four extra chances for one blog entry :-) Just leave a comment either here or at Marianne's letting us know you talked about us.
And, it's beyond any doubt. We've all thought I was nuts... now we have the proof. In addition to doing Nano (btw, I've decided to write a ghost story for that one), I've also committed to do 70 Days of Sweat. Thankfully, the Nano words will play double duty. But, since I can't write any of the ghost story until November 1, I've come up with another fun project for 70 Days.'s a surprise. Let me tell you though, it will be like NOTHING I've ever written before.

Hopefully, I will get the nifty little sidebar icons up this evening when I get home, because.. yes... right now I have to go to work. I'm taking my handy-dandy legal yellow pad with me to jot down the first of 750 words for today as I steal moments away from trees.(YACK!...Lock me up right now and just throw the key away until the first of the year!)


Mert said…
Good going on the 750 words! I have a book started, I wonder if I should try?

BTW, i quit myspace because I thought they were giving out my personal (address, phone #)info... tuned out to be a misunderstanding on my part. So if you are wondering wth happened to me on you list of friends, that's why.
Good luck with Sven! I hear he's a real bear, but the right woman shall surely come along and own him. :D

(Doing the challenge, too, that's how I found your lovely blog!)
Portia Da Costa said…
Happy Sweating and well done on meeting your targets so far! I did okay yesterday and the day before, but now I've got to buckle down and start writing my 750/1K for today!

See you round Sven's place... :)
Mel said…
Good job on meeting your goal. I want to do Nano the right way (waiting to start a new story) but that's insane with my schedule. So go you.
Ceri said…
NaNo and 70 Days?? I'm in awe. I dont' think I could take both on. Right now it's going to be hard enough to finish the wip I've got going (last years NaNo challenge in fact) in time to start this years.

Someone needs to stand behind me with a whip. Marianne??