Booking Through Thursday and other fun stuff

Okay . . . picture this (really) worst-case scenario: It’s cold and raining, your boyfriend/girlfriend has just dumped you, you’ve just been fired, the pile of unpaid bills is sky-high, your beloved pet has recently died, and you think you’re coming down with a cold. All you want to do (other than hiding under the covers) is to curl up with a good book, something warm and comforting that will make you feel better.

What do you read?

I don't know about warm and comforting, but I would head for my library and stock up on Stephen King. One thing about his books.. they can keep your mind off what's bothering you. And... the bad guy... you can picture him as your ex, or your boss... then when the bad guy gets his.. well, it's just a good revenge :-)

Play along.

Speaking of reading, The Long and the Short of It have been getting many requests from publishers to review their stories. That is great news and we're very excited about it. But, it also means we need more reviewers. So, if you are reading this, then you are a reader (see how well that works?). So, if you like the idea of free books, then let us hear from you.

And.. you know we always give you a chance to win free books at LASR, but this week we are giving you an extra chance to win. Just go here, read the review, leave a comment, and you will be entered into the drawing to win an autographed copy of the book. How much easier can we make it?
Your Inner Child Is Surprised

You see many things through the eyes of a child.
Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.
You cherish all of the details in life.
Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.

OH, so very true! My DH says it's one of my most endearing charms.


Chris said…
Great answer! Especially the part about picturing the bad guy as an ex.
Barbara H. said…
I've never gotten into Stephen King, but my mom liked him a lot.
That's a wonderful answer! Like chris I love the bit about seeing the bad guy as your ex or boss. ;)
I recently started reading King.
Stephanie said…
How funny! I actually said Stephen King myself!! I mean really? My life can't possibly be as bad as dealing with vampires, zombies or the end of the world!!
Cee Cee said…
You two are not the only ones mentioning Stephen King! I just couldn't read him when I'm down. I guess that's what makes the world go round. Differnce.
kailani said…
I would probably read Fly Me To The Moon. It always makes me laugh.
annie said…
had to come over and say hi to somebody else who said "Stephen King"! happy BTT!