Headachy, Today.. so enjoy the quiz

What fantasy Creature are you?(AWSEOME pictures!)
Your fantasy creature is Fairy! You're very peaceful and like to be with friends. But you don't always have to rely on your friends; you can survive by yourself for a while. You're barely evil at all. But sometimes your thoughts can be a little evil if angered. Image (c) Goldenwolfen.Deviantart.com

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ablondeblogger said…
What is a Gryyfon? LOL
Michele said…
you know, Judy.. I took the quiz but will never know the answer.
I didn't want to give my dob, email addy and all that.
So, I'll just be a regular old onery fickle fae.
Margaret said…
Ooooh, I'm a Dragon. I thought that would be a mean thing = but it's actually pretty cool.