Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday and, believe it or not... Happy First Day of September. How on earth did THAT happen? I've heard it's a mark of getting old when time flies. I think I'm officially there.
We had a great opening week at The Long and the Short of It! But, just because the opening week is over, doesn't mean the fun ends. Check back every day next week, because we have some fun things in store for you... including a story by ME :-)

What Will Your Last Words Be?
You are average. Congratulations- no painful or insane death for you.

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Alice Teh said…
I've got the same answer as you, Judy. :D
ablondeblogger said…
I'm with you.....how did September creep up on us so quickly? *sigh*

Thanks again for offering to make the button for me to memorialize Copper. That was SO sweet of you!

How do you make them? I've always wanted to know how to do that.

Ceri said…

I love the short stories over at LASR. Great idea!

I'm looking forward to a good week over there. :)
Mert said…
Mine was "Get this thing off of me!" LOL!