I was reading about our Googleganger a few minutes ago. I've always known there were more of "me" out there... and until recently, I was NOT number one when I googled my name.
Now I am... YEA me!

Then you can find a retired school teacher, an actress, a real estate agent, someone tracing her family roots, another real estate agent (do you think I choose the wrong line of work?), someone of whom it may be said they look like they are speaking English but I can't understand it, a Scientologist (and actually, she WAS a real estate agent, so I suppose she might already be listed... or not), and an artist.

When I Google me on Images, though... I don't even make the first page. We'll have to see what we can do about that!

What about you? Do you have a Googleganger?

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Ceri said…
I guess I'm lucky to have an "odd" name because I went through the first 3 pages and while I found 2 other Ceri's it was pretty much all me. memememememe.